Men I Probably Should Not Be Attracted To

This post was inspired by fellow blogger Sidittyand our mutual love and desire to throw panties at the one and only Prince.

I don’t know what it is but it is definitely something about the way that he is wearing that blouse that says rrrrrrrr. No seriously, I have not figured out what it is that makes a 5’2” guy wearing butt less chaps attractive, call it aura, essence just distill IT down and Viola, you have whatever IT is that makes Prince attractive.

Malik Yoba, this is one nice looking man now if he can just keep a tube of Chap Stick in his pocket. Why are his lips always so ashy?

Eric La Salle, I guess you are wondering why he made the list because he is a decent looking guy. Well I don’t like close cut caesar La Salle but let your soul glo Jheir Curl wearing Eric La Salle, go figure.

Michael Jackson, and I mean Thriller Michael not I’m Bad Michael.

Lil Wayne, yes I get A LOT of flack about this one from friends. However, a guy with dreads will ALWAYS get a second look.


Reader Comments

Okay from your list...Prince is the matter what anybody says. LOL

OK I was with you until Lil Wayne. AAAAAHHHHHHH

Malik Yoba and some shea butter and it is on like pop corn.

I just can't get over Eric Lasalle's Gherri Curl.

Siditty its the dreads if my hubby was not losing his hair I would try and convince him to lock.

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