Which Should Come First?

Which comes first my womanhood or my blackness? This is a debate that I have had within myself since my sophomore year in college. A debate that I discuss often among my friends. Can you be a woman of color and differing ethnicity and separate these traits from your womanhood or must one take precedent above the other.

I remember reading the Invisible Man in college and often felt invisible myself and wondered who if anyone has so eloquently written the story of the invisible black woman.

Who do I belong to first? Who am I? Who needs me the most: the black community or women? I have come to the conclusion for me the two are inseparable. I am not one without the other; my womanhood is shaped by my race. I am unable to separate blackwoman into two words.

Are there any other race/ethnicity of women/men that go through this struggle or do I alone battle with reconciling these feelings?

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woman hood

Good Post Hun...I think it depends on each individual black+woman. I experienced this as well IN COLLEGE. I first started in Architecture for 3 years where I was the only black female where being black was more important. But when I went to construction management I was the only female in most classes and that is where being a woman was more important to me. But on a day to day bases I think being a woman is the most important to me.

@Torrance You would think that womanhood would be the obvious answer but I look at my womanhood as distinctly connected to my race. I don’t’ feel as if I can be just a woman, that concept is truly foreign to me. A black woman I know how to be but just a woman and view all things thought just a woman perspective I would not even know where to begin.

@Go I definitely agree with you that some circumstances bring an awareness of one or the other more to the forefront than the other. If, if I HAD to choose between the two I would say at this moment and time in my life being black is so much more important.

Jazzy..I'm here again looking for edible words. Your spot is one of my favorites! Just wanted to say that! You and your honey have a great weekend!

Hellot there,

This is interesting... I think that as a child I was more conscious of my gender first and then my race second...I had not been out in the world to really KNOW and understand the layers of race and class in this country...so I think my primary identification as a little girl was being a little girl...

As I got older, I began to clearly understand the race landscape in this country...

I think that I am black before I am a woman...meaning I am likely to seek solidarity by RACE before seeking solidarity by gender.

However... I see myself as Christian before I see myself as anything else...

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

"I think that I am black before I am a woman...meaning I am likely to seek solidarity by RACE before seeking solidarity by gender."

Lisa I could not have said this better. Thank you

A bit late to this discussion, but I just wanted to comment.
I used to also put my race before my gender, but not anymore. I am BOTH black and a woman, so why should I be asked to choose, or to give one precedence over the other? Black men are never asked to do this. For me it can never be either one or the other anymore. I refuse to seperate the two, even if it means re-defining myself as an individual.

Nia thanks for stopping by and sharing your perspective I hope you will continue to stop by and share.

do you have any info on the statue?

Anon all I know is that this picture was taken in Chicago in 2004. I loved it the minute I saw it but sadly I don't have the artist information.

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