Supreme Court agrees with the New Haven 20

The Supreme Court has decided to reverse the decision made by the appeals court of whichSotomayor was apart. I have yet to read the entire ruling but I find myself wondering the ramifications the ruling will have on the New Haven community. It is to my understanding that New Haven is predominately a minority community and will now be served by few minorities in positions of authority. I know of many people who came from areas where authority figures did not look like them. I know first hand how feelings of mistrust will pervade the neighborhood and do very little to bridging a widening gulf.

After reading the original ruling I agreed with the ruling in which Judge Areterton arrived. I can say with all honesty I am happy the New Haven 20 will receive the promotions they deserve. I will also say I am very apprehensive about the future of affirmative action. It is my personal belief that though we have come along way affirmative action is very much needed to ensure a diverse environment,especially on college campuses. For many minorities affirmative action is our Legacy admission. It will be interseting to see how this affects Sotomayor's confirmation I am of the opinion that it will matter little. Judge Souter whom she would replace agreed with her ruling.

It is undeniable to me that Sotomayor is right in respects that the bench is were policy is made. The supreme court just elected a new policy that will have far reaching outcomes for the future. What those outcomes are remains to be seen.


No Words Necessary

I Get IT, Why don't you?

We all remember our first, probably most memorable first is our…well this is a family blog so you get the point.

Some important first that I remember are:

Shirley Chisholm the first black female U.S. representative congresswoman.

Thurgood Marshall first black male U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Dr. Charles Drew the inventor of the blood bank (and a huge part of my chosen profession)

Mae Jemison the first black female astronaut.

Madame C.J. Walker first black female millionaire

Ursula Burns first black woman to become chief executive of Fortune 500 company.

Barack H. Obama first black president.

There are more notable firsts that I can recall but for me these are a few in which I feel tremendous pride. What many people fail to realize with Ms. Sotomayor’s nomination is the exact same thing they failed to realize during Obama’s nomination for the Presidency of the United States, Pride. Sure we all have pride in accomplishments from our fellow man but there is something undeniably special when it is someone who either looks like you or comes from a similar background. For those that believe minorities are indifferent to issues or a person’s record and that only their ethnicity or race matters I laugh at you and I reject your bigoted views. Nominations like Sotomayor’s and Obama’s will cease to be racially significant when they are no longer the first of their kind. However, for now Sotomayor’s nomination is another proud moment for me as a woman of color.


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