Completely Random: Married Life Pet Peeves

6. When brushing your teeth must you spray the mirror with spittle flakes, I know its on your side but I still have to look at it.

5. Not providing full information: Case in point my husband told me almost two weeks ago that his family was having a Halloween party. He did not specify that it was a custom party until LAST NIGHT! I’m still mad about this.

4. I love you Sweeting but stop talking to me when I’m reading.

3. Aaagggghhhhh! Filling both sides of the sinks with dirty dishes to the point where I am unable to wash my hands.

2. Not replacing the toilet roll when it is empty.

1. Most important of all STOP EATING the last of my Walker shortbread COOKIES. You don’t see me eating your Oreo’s or Chocolate chip cookies.

I feel a lot better. Woo saaa, Woo saaa I know Mr. Man doesn’t even bother to read my blog anymore (tear tear) but boy do I feel so much betta. In all fairness I am sure Mr.Man has his own list of pet peeves but it's my blog, so I am entitled to a little bias.


ATF disrupts skinhead plot to assassinate Obama

I generally think of Skinheads and Krazy Klan Kluckers to be ignorant and not so bright; the same goes for this case. However, I now understand why my grandmother refuses to vote for Obama. For her she saw strong civil rights leaders both black and white assassinated and the threat to Obama's life is the very thing that is going to keep her at home this year. No amount of things are different nowadays is going to convince her and more importantly stories like these continue to fuel her doubt in America's willingness to accept a Black man as its leader.


Fat Straws

I usually do my best to stay away from fads. There is something about my identity that actually balks at the idea of conforming.Everyone assumes because I like a wild fro, other natural dos, and tattoos that I must be into mother earth as my spiritual guiding force. Or better yet people assume that I automatically like spoken word which, I don’t give me a well written piece of prose any day.

So much to my surprise I have fallen victim to the Bubble Tea craze that has taken over my co-workers. I am honestly a groupie; I stop by almost everyday on my way home. I am going to try and cut back to twice a week because this Bubble Tea compulsion is getting out of hand. However, I do highly recommend the Jasmine tea with Bubbles.


An Economic Divide

A slow divide is occurring within the black community. A divide that is doing what slavery, years of Jim Crow and discrimination could never accomplish. A divide that is driven by economics and classism. Economics has become more powerful than Massa’s whip; economics has become more treacherous than for white only signs. Economics are creating a breach threatening the long built solidarity of the Black community.

More black people are moving to the suburbs, few are electing to live in economically challenged areas.The Black community has become assailed with a new generation of middle class, a class at times more concerned with keeping up with the Joneses than helping the Williams. We now have a middle class that consistently distances themselves from people not of their class or social standing.

How does a community survive without the aid of those that do well? Many economically challenged areas are so depleted because the dollar leaves the community quicker than it is brought in. In the time of Black Wall Streetthe dollar would circulate 36 to 100 times before it left the community.

Growing up in a relatively rudimentary town made me want to leave and never return. I wanted to break free and never have to look back. There is so much more to life than the small corner in which some find themselves confined to. We have to regain our trust in one another and get back to helping each other instead of abandoning one another for the quickest exit sign.

For another perspective visit Siditty's Race and Culture in America post


I Voted Today!

This is the third presidential election that I have been of age to vote. I cast my vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Yesterday I was feeling a bit down and perturbed by a comment and literally was so distracted that I almost drove my car through the garage into our second bathroom. Whew, talk about having to get your head straight.

So what do I do? I called my trusty full of wisdom Aunt Wesee (short for Louise), we had a good talk. She reminded me that there are going to be people today, tomorrow, and forever that will always negate your opinion because it does not align with theirs. She also clearly and succinctly reminded me that when you do agree with “them” they then automatically elevate you to “intellectual negro” status. Well, I think we have all seen how the“intellectual negro” is treated and what is thought of the“intellectual negro” when he no longer conforms to the ideals of the dominating culture.

All of the negativity aside today was a great day. I voted for a man I believe can lead this country into a new direction. A direction that will keep our country us as a dominant force. I believe Barack will refocus our energy and troops to where they are critically needed. With Michelle Obama as First Lady and Jill Biden I think public education will really see a change, new pilot programs will be tested for their viability and restructure of “No Child left behind” will actually begin to occur.

Obama and Biden represent a change. A change that frightens and threatens what the dominating culture perceives as their sole right. I enjoy and believe in the Democratic Party’s ideals. I feel very strongly that social programs are an aid and asset when monitored and policed properly. Barack Obama is a man apart neither Black nor White yet Black people like I identity strongly with him. His skin color is but icing that I plan to gleefully lick off of all ten of my fingers on Nov. 4.

For another insight on voting for Barack please visit: Kellybelle
Dallas SouthBlack sapience


Tutankhamun at the DMA

Today Mr. Man turned 32 so we went to the museum to see the Tutankhamun exhibit. The DMA did a great job with the set up. They presented a timeline of artifacts right before the boy King ascended to the throne; Culminating in the discovery of his tomb and the subsequent searches for answers to his death. The lighting in some of the rooms I think was a little to dark even if spot lights were aimed at the artifacts for dramatic effect.

I felt the tiny figurines were by far more intriguing because of the level of detail the artisan was able to achieve with the rudimentary tools of the age. The wooden structures exhibited wonderful stability. The craftsmanship of all the artifacts on display truly illustrates the religion of the times: when inanimate objects were meant to follow the deceased into the next world.

We live in a time were planned and perceived obsolescence is built into the use of every product we purchase from expiration dates on food to the latest fashion trends. The artistry and fine detail placed into every piece is evident of a time long ago were beauty and utility functioned as one.


Wake up Everybody 2008!

To Loc or Not to Loc?

I have been wearing double strand twists for the last three weeks in preparation for what I would look like in locs. I don't have particularly thick hair so I don't think super tiny sisterlocks would be the best choice for me and I know I won't be able to attain the width of Lauyrn Hill’s loc’s. So, right now I love the freedom of having loose natural hair having the ability to switch my hair up from a fro to funky fro-hawks. I think I am suffering from loc envy. Either way it goes I am sure I am going to lock my hair but, should I do it now or wait a while. Below are some loc styles that I am interested in trying, if anyone has in ideas or tips or suggestions please don’t hesitate to leave some information.


Colin Powell for Obama

I knew Colin Powell was going to endorse Barack Obama especially after McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin. The President in this country and countries around the world are faced with the possibility that they may not be able to complete their term in office. Whether, that is from health concerns or to a real threat of assassination a Presidents full term in office is not guaranteed. Sarah Palin is not (and nowhere in the foreseeable future) ready to assume the Presidency. McCain, in what was his first decision as Presidential candidate did not place country first in his selection of Palin.

Colin Powell, in his endorsement of Obama said something that I have often said myself: why would it matter if Obama was Muslim? I have always like Colin Powell; his affiliation with the GOP did not alter my opinion of the man for one reason alone. That reason being that anyone could tell that Colin Powell was his own man and not a puppet like Michael Steele. Colin Powell opted to break with the Bush Administration because as a military man and a man of integrity, he was not willing to let his stature as a high ranking respectful figure become part of ruse that would place Americans at risk.

How many people do you think are going to say Powell’s decision was based on a shared skin color? It has already begun Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh are leading the charge let us see how many more names we add. Because as Black people we are unable to vote for Obama for any other reason than because we share a skin color.


Completely Random: Mascara

This starts a new series or post titled Completely Random. So I thought I would kick it off with one of my fav’s mascara. I love mascara! I at times will suffer from an almost Tammy Faye obsession regarding mascara.

I rarely come to work in full whore face (FWF) but there is the occasional day that a little extra pick me up is needed. Which comes readily in the form of a tube of mascara and black (yes I said black) eyeliner. My coworker and confident knows I’m super cheap about some things so she gave me a tube of Christina Dior mascara (I think it’s like 25 dollars a tube). I am often of the mind you can always find something just as good for cheaper but, the Dior mascara actually has a really good brush worth the 25 dollar price tag.

So whether, I opt for FWF or causal wear, mascara is a must foundation and the rest I can get away with out wearing. However, mascara is like Binaca, always in the purse. The manufactures should really make keychain attachable mini size mascara.


3 the hard way (A personal story)

Barack and Michelle Obama, and Joe (married to Jill) Biden are 3 the hard way. Each of these individuals has personal tragedies and triumphs that a vast amount of Americans can identify with. Barack and Michelle’s stories we have heard often along the campaign trail for the past eighteen months and they are stories of perseverance and stamina. If you are unfamiliar with the Obama’s story you can read here and here .

Another story that you may not know as well is that of Joe Biden . Where Barack Obama is cool and measured the type of man who is the lighthouse in a stormy sea. Joe Biden can be viewed as fiery willing and able to give a dissenting opinion. Joe Biden after the death of his first wife (Neilia Hunter) and daughter showed a grit and determination a steady resolve to continue to serve his country. Joe was able to do all of this while keeping his family first and ensuring his sons were raised in a well balanced home. For five years Joe was a single father working in Washington until he met Jill. Jill is a force of her own and would be a great national asset with two Master’s degree and a PhD. in Education. Jill is almost more qualified than a certain Vice-Presidential candidate the only thing she is lacking is that she can’t see Russia from her home.

This is how my story fits with my chosen candidate and his running mate. Raised by a single mother, with the help of wonderful grandparents, I lost my grandfather during a pivotal moment in my development. I was able to attend one of the best private schools in Texas, and continued on to grad school. Barack, Michelle, Joe, and I share an American dream; we are the American realization. Barack’s proposed policies, Joe’s unrelenting persona together are focused on repositioning America as a dominate force in the world and removing the mockery that has become the last 8 years. There are three weeks left so get to know these candidates better, to see who really shares your story and in doing so you will see who really will have your back in Washington.



The last debate I thought it was a draw between Senator's Obama and McCain. This debate all I kept hearing in my head was LL Cool J's song "Mama said knock you out". Obama clearly exhibited a starkly different physical appearance to that of McCain that he could stand toe to toe and even surpass McCain on foreign policy. Obama was cool, calm, collected and very presidential throughout the debate. McCain was flustered at times and attempted to use glib humor. Overall, McCain looked like a walking Geritol ad with an almost troll like demeanor.

The telling point of the night which demonstrated that McCain was becoming unhinged was when he referred to Obama as “THAT ONE”. “That one”, WTF! “That one” as if Obama was some kind of foreign alien being that was not human. McCain’s use of the word “that one” exemplifies his disdain for Obama as a fellow man and equal. It is often said that in times of stress and angry we show our true selves. McCain you have showed your ass, every time you have to share a stage with Obama you are unable to hide your vitriol.

You knocked your own fool ass out with “that one”, your caught a pass and ran it back to the opposing teams end zone. Obama is playing with you, he’s in your mind, he is a pulling a rope-a-dope on you, waiting until you have exhausted your 72 year old behind then he is going to come at you with the one hitter quitter. Get ready folks the match is in round 8 and I’m predicting a KO on Nov. 4.

Obama get that Dirt Off Ya Shoulders


Hooray for Toombas; Finally the perfect Jeans

For many of us with a lil boot, junk, onion, ba-dunk-a-donk it is increasingly difficult to find jeans. If you have the classic curvy shape which resembles the Baby Got Back song then TOOMBAS are the jeans for you. The creator and CEO of the company happens to be a friend but that is not the reason I am promoting her product. She has put in countless hours of meticulously measuring and has developed a TOOMBAS sizing chart meant to help aid in choosing the correct jeans for your figure. So for my regular readers Phelps excluded (unless there is something you are not sharing ;-)) you should give these jeans a try.

The No-Gap jeans are the BEST! If there is one thing I hate the most about jeans are finding a pair that actually fit great everywhere except when it comes time to sit down. I don’t particularly like having all my goodies displayed. The No-Gap jeans are exactly that No-gap you can wear a belt as an accessory instead of a necessity. The jeans are designed with patterns and washes that you can find in any department store. The dark blue denim are instant favorites, because they are made with just the right amount of stretch. I am so very proud of her for stepping out and deciding to follow her dream. If you have difficulty or are inclined to spend an entire day in search of the perfect jeans then give Toombas a try.

BTW Toombas is having a sale right now!


What are your thoughts about the VP debate?

How sweet do you like your tea?

As southerners, most of us like our tea sweeeetttt. However, most of us do not like it sweet to the taste of an extra $100 + billion. The Bailout or Rescue plan (or if you are Senator McCain) that the House Republicans struck down on Monday cost the economy $1 trillion (that’s a lot zeros folks). The tentative plan that the Senate approved late last night cost tax payers an extra $100 billion dollars on top of the supposedly much needed $700 billion. Both Presidential hopefuls voted yes for the Bailout/Rescue Bill, both decided to play Russian Roulette with our money, in hopes of heading off impending doom. A doom that I am not entirely convinced was imminent.

Quite possibly my age is coloring my view. If I was close to retirement age, I might be screaming TO pass the bill already so my 401K/403b would stabilize. As it is now, I DON’T plan on opening my quarterly statement. I have enough years left to work that whatever I've lost I should be able to recoup by the time I hit retirement age.

The revised Bailout/Rescue bill is intended to aid Main street as well as Wall street, but I don’t really see it happening. I did not see an amendment for mortgage moratoriums that would aid homeowners in keeping their homes by lowering their interest rates/payments in order to keep them out of foreclosure.

I’m not one to shy away from democratic socialism, As I see that as the natural progression of any developed nation. But I find it disturbing that so many Bills are floating as amendments and have absolutely nothing to do with the original premise of the Bailout/Rescue plan. Do you know what’s in your tea? Here are just a few of the sweeteners that were added to the Bailout/Rescue plan:

Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2008

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008

Prohibits a group health plan from requesting or requiring an individual or family member of an individual from undergoing a genetic test. Provides that such prohibition does not: (1) limit the authority of a health care professional to request an individual to undergo a genetic test; or (2) preclude a group health plan from obtaining or using the results of a genetic test in making a determination regarding payment. Requires the plan to request only the minimum amount of information necessary to accomplish the intended purpose.

Prohibiting Employment Discrimination on the Basis of Genetic information

Miscellaneous Provisions - (Sec. 301) Amends the Higher Education Act of 1965 to lower the percentage of a borrower's student loan payment made under the Federal Family Education Loan program subsequent to default that a guaranty agency may retain for deposit in its operating fund if the Secretary of Education has already reimbursed it for such default.

Please visit the following website for your own edification.

And the sweet of all sweetsCourtesy of From the Left

• Manufacturers of kids’ wooden arrows get $6 million

• Puerto Rican and Virgin Islands rum producers get $192 million

• An undisclosed amount for Wool research

• Auto racing tracks (think: NASCAR Nation) get $128 million

• Corporations operating in American Samoa will receive $33 million

• Small-to- medium budget film and television productions get $10 million

• Relief for litigants in the Exxon Valdez oil spil


America has a problem.

Yesterday I watched the latest installment of Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah Palin and I had to retract my previous view of Mrs. Palin. A view in which, I had categorized her in the lower educational tier but I had to upgrade her to just plan ole mediocre. Sarah Palin’s mediocrity is what endears her to so many Americans, she is the emerging face of America, the face of mediocrity, a face that does not represent the need to “better” ones self.

Sarah Palin proves to Americans that you can be an average Joe or Jane and reach the Governor’s Mansion and even dare to reach for the highest office in the land. Sarah Palin typifies the problem Americans face in an increasingly globalized world: the sentiment that it is alright to be anti- intelligent. It is a hard pill to swallow but I get it. I thought being dumb or pretending to be less than smart was strictly a black culture phenomenon. The rise of Palin in the Republican Party has quickly disavowed me of that notion. America as a whole has an anti-intelligence problem.

Before I was of age to attend school, my mother was teaching my brothers and I our alphabet, the sounds of vowels, colors, and numbers. There was always an opportunity to learn. She was preparing us to face a world that would not accept anything less than an above average (at times I would find that above average was not even enough) black person living in America. When it came time for college I had to take the SAT twice not because I did not get the average score that was excepted by my college of choice (1200) but because my mother thought I could do better (and she was right).

For those of us that decided to seek knowledge (through traditional means or nontraditional) to be labeled or accused of being uppity or practicing elitism is outright laughable. America has become a culture that is spoon fed with few electing to research and learn. I fear for this country, I fear that our lack of desire and thirst for knowledge, like days of old, will result in our continued lagging educational performance behind developing nations. I fear that America will not be able to regain its once hard fought and earned respect. I fear for those people that believe knowledge and those that possess it are full of malevolence for the common man, immoral, or better yet “uppity”.


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