The last debate I thought it was a draw between Senator's Obama and McCain. This debate all I kept hearing in my head was LL Cool J's song "Mama said knock you out". Obama clearly exhibited a starkly different physical appearance to that of McCain that he could stand toe to toe and even surpass McCain on foreign policy. Obama was cool, calm, collected and very presidential throughout the debate. McCain was flustered at times and attempted to use glib humor. Overall, McCain looked like a walking Geritol ad with an almost troll like demeanor.

The telling point of the night which demonstrated that McCain was becoming unhinged was when he referred to Obama as “THAT ONE”. “That one”, WTF! “That one” as if Obama was some kind of foreign alien being that was not human. McCain’s use of the word “that one” exemplifies his disdain for Obama as a fellow man and equal. It is often said that in times of stress and angry we show our true selves. McCain you have showed your ass, every time you have to share a stage with Obama you are unable to hide your vitriol.

You knocked your own fool ass out with “that one”, your caught a pass and ran it back to the opposing teams end zone. Obama is playing with you, he’s in your mind, he is a pulling a rope-a-dope on you, waiting until you have exhausted your 72 year old behind then he is going to come at you with the one hitter quitter. Get ready folks the match is in round 8 and I’m predicting a KO on Nov. 4.

Obama get that Dirt Off Ya Shoulders


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I agree.

The campaign is over. O.v.e.r.

Obama is going to be our next president and I can't wait another minute!

If your goal is to fire up the people who were voting for Obama anyways, you are doing fine.

If your audience is people who aren't already committed to Obama, you need to retool your message.

(Hint: McCain is the Senior Senator for Arizona. Obama is the Junior Senator for Illinois on his first term and decades McCain's junior to boot. They aren't equal and aren't even peers.)

@Phelps, I had no intended audience in this post.

" They aren't equal and aren't even peers."

I'm sorry I guess that 3/4 of a person is still in effect. Thanks for the heads up!

I guess you seem to unaware that it was the slave holders demanding 3/4. The abolitionists wanted zero.

But then, we can't let a little thing like historical accuracy mar the talking points.

Per usual Phelps let’s gloss of the issue. The issue was not concerning who made the rule or who wanted the rule. The issue (because you are unable or unwilling to let your brain actually comprehend it) happens to be McCain’s disrespect for Obama as a MAN (you know a man was created by God and commands respect above all other beings according to Genesis, but let’s not let a little thing like THAT get in the way). A man that has worked hard to get to his position who had struggles and triumphs just like you DESREVES your respect and the only reason that it is not given is because McCain is full of hate that a young Black man dare challenge his entitlement. Get over yourself.

Well, obviously McCain is a despicable racist for not referring to Obama by his given name in a reference (but not by his full given name, which would also be racist and fearmongering.)

You have totally convinced me. Congratulations.

I don't think Obama is ashamed of his entire name. He is man enough to roll with it. He could have changed it but that would be denying who he is. The one thing I can say without a doubt Obama is a man, those who continue to support John McCain and Sarah Palin's racailly tinged comments are cowards. Hope I am being clear enough for you. I wouldn't want to seem obtuse of anything. I likes to get straight to the point.

The "that one" comment is the same wording that Southern homophobes use to describe us queers.

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