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I usually do my best to stay away from fads. There is something about my identity that actually balks at the idea of conforming.Everyone assumes because I like a wild fro, other natural dos, and tattoos that I must be into mother earth as my spiritual guiding force. Or better yet people assume that I automatically like spoken word which, I don’t give me a well written piece of prose any day.

So much to my surprise I have fallen victim to the Bubble Tea craze that has taken over my co-workers. I am honestly a groupie; I stop by almost everyday on my way home. I am going to try and cut back to twice a week because this Bubble Tea compulsion is getting out of hand. However, I do highly recommend the Jasmine tea with Bubbles.


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Taro is my favorite, though red bean is not bad.

I've tried the Taro it's ok; I will give the red bean a try.

I've found bubble tea to be a little too sweet for me. I think it may be because I had the little gummy bear stuff in mine and it was way too over the top sweet. Maybe I'll give it another try but I'm sticking with the Strawberry Lemonade Blend at Starbucks.

The gummies (lychee) are not very good. Way too much flavor for something that is meant to be for the novelty. Stick with the "bubbles" (Tapioca balls). There's no real reason to add more than that.

Also, far too many companies, seem to butcher the Taro. But in Seattle, we have something like 15 bubble tea places at least, and that doesn't include restaurants that serve it. It is common here, and so although some places make it grainy, there are others that do a better job.

mmmmm bubble tea

Hey there!

Thank you for the recommendation!

I have not heard of bubble tea!


I think I'll have to try it!!


wait...wait..what is this tea Jazzy? Where can I get it here in Baton Rouge? Humph! I want some! LOL

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