3 the hard way (A personal story)

Barack and Michelle Obama, and Joe (married to Jill) Biden are 3 the hard way. Each of these individuals has personal tragedies and triumphs that a vast amount of Americans can identify with. Barack and Michelle’s stories we have heard often along the campaign trail for the past eighteen months and they are stories of perseverance and stamina. If you are unfamiliar with the Obama’s story you can read here and here .

Another story that you may not know as well is that of Joe Biden . Where Barack Obama is cool and measured the type of man who is the lighthouse in a stormy sea. Joe Biden can be viewed as fiery willing and able to give a dissenting opinion. Joe Biden after the death of his first wife (Neilia Hunter) and daughter showed a grit and determination a steady resolve to continue to serve his country. Joe was able to do all of this while keeping his family first and ensuring his sons were raised in a well balanced home. For five years Joe was a single father working in Washington until he met Jill. Jill is a force of her own and would be a great national asset with two Master’s degree and a PhD. in Education. Jill is almost more qualified than a certain Vice-Presidential candidate the only thing she is lacking is that she can’t see Russia from her home.

This is how my story fits with my chosen candidate and his running mate. Raised by a single mother, with the help of wonderful grandparents, I lost my grandfather during a pivotal moment in my development. I was able to attend one of the best private schools in Texas, and continued on to grad school. Barack, Michelle, Joe, and I share an American dream; we are the American realization. Barack’s proposed policies, Joe’s unrelenting persona together are focused on repositioning America as a dominate force in the world and removing the mockery that has become the last 8 years. There are three weeks left so get to know these candidates better, to see who really shares your story and in doing so you will see who really will have your back in Washington.


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I like this post Jazzy...I love how you have an explantion for all your beliefs not that you have too. But you validate your opinions with facts...love love love ya! LOL

Go B.

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