Hooray for Toombas; Finally the perfect Jeans

For many of us with a lil boot, junk, onion, ba-dunk-a-donk it is increasingly difficult to find jeans. If you have the classic curvy shape which resembles the Baby Got Back song then TOOMBAS are the jeans for you. The creator and CEO of the company happens to be a friend but that is not the reason I am promoting her product. She has put in countless hours of meticulously measuring and has developed a TOOMBAS sizing chart meant to help aid in choosing the correct jeans for your figure. So for my regular readers Phelps excluded (unless there is something you are not sharing ;-)) you should give these jeans a try.

The No-Gap jeans are the BEST! If there is one thing I hate the most about jeans are finding a pair that actually fit great everywhere except when it comes time to sit down. I don’t particularly like having all my goodies displayed. The No-Gap jeans are exactly that No-gap you can wear a belt as an accessory instead of a necessity. The jeans are designed with patterns and washes that you can find in any department store. The dark blue denim are instant favorites, because they are made with just the right amount of stretch. I am so very proud of her for stepping out and deciding to follow her dream. If you have difficulty or are inclined to spend an entire day in search of the perfect jeans then give Toombas a try.

BTW Toombas is having a sale right now!


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That's half of my nefarious plan. Now I need to convince more women to stop starving themselves and start fitting them.

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