Plaxico Burress Shoots Himself in the Leg!?

Why are you going to a club where you feel the need to carry a gun? Stay your azz at home and bring the party to you. It ain't that serious that I would have to put my life and future in jeopardy for a night on the town.

What an idiot


My political Compass

My Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: -5.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.03

You can find your political compass here h/t to Siddity


Barack names Social Secretary

Desiree Rogers is the White House Social Secretary. She is 49 years of age with a Harvard MBA and will be the first African American to hold the post.


The changing image of Black Women

I received this article by Erin Aubry Kaplan from Shawn over at
Dallas South.

I read it and loved it. In quick summary the article is about Michelle’s Donk!
The article goes on to say that a bountiful posterior has been “both vilified and fetishized as the most singular of all black female features”. I always felt the election of Barack would pale in comparison to the elevation of his wife to First Lady. I love the fact that Michelle has a dark complexion that she has a figure that has long been considered less than aesthetically pleasing according to Hollywood or mainstream magazines.

It is my greatest hope that with Michelle as the First Lady that Black women will be able to take confidence and pride in knowing a woman that finally looks like one of us will set the stage for how the world views Black women.

Black women have had few constant role models in the media. Mental imagery is exceptionally compelling. When the constant image is objectification and overt sexuality it becomes harder for younger impressionable girls to delineated reality from make believe.

The constant image that young Black women are bombarded with are the Melissa Ford’s, Buffy the body, etc… For some that have no male figures in their life these women are seen as powerful in control of their sexuality (when they are not, regardless of what they say). Even Jet magazines still has their beauty of the week segment; seriously the only beauties they can find are wrapped in string bikinis. Can women not be beautiful unless they are half naked? I don’t understand why JET can not showcase a beautiful woman that is fully clothed with an actual job besides student or model as their description.


I’m still a Christian?!

I guess I consider myself either a Christin in training or either a searching Christian.

I feel I have a personal relationship with God. I talk to him constantly throughout the day when I’m angry, happy or even feeling lost. What I am not to sure about is the credence that in order to be saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost Christian you must attend church.

I am far from the ideal Christian but I truly feel that I am neither one of those shucking and jiving. I have faults in which I constantly ask the Lord for his help with changing. There are times when I know I past the test he sets before me and others when I fail miserably.

My husband and I pray almost every night together (with the exception when we go to bed at separate times). Throughout the day we give God thanks for all that we have. We are truly blessed. I believe we have a blessed marriage relatively little drama; both of our families love each other. We don’t suffer from the dreaded in-law disease. We live a comfortable financially stable life.

As a scientist I believe in the big bang theory I believe in evolution (to an extent) however, I believe those were part of a larger higher power.

I do find myself wondering how the Lord came to be; but I do not doubt his existence. There have been times when I find it hard to continue to believe but even in those times I find myself talking to the God.

Can I be a Christian that does not attend church, or are the two inseparable?


I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Ash author of Go Bytch and because I ignored her last tag I feel obligated to participate in this one. Boo hooo

Ok I am to name 7 random/weird factoids about myself.

1. Like all good CLS’s I talk out loud to myself when working though a problem. I am no longer even embarrassed when someone gives me the side eye

2. I have no arches

3. When something is extremely funny I snort loudly and often

4. I enjoy teaching people but I don’t want to be a teacher in the conventional sense of the word

5. I have a tiny pinpoint hole in the center of my forehead (most people don’t even notice it). I forget the medical term for it but I remember the plastic surgeon telling me it would cost 450 bucks to get rid of it. Needless to say I am still walking around with it.

6. I love being outdoors!

7. I’m a big titty baby I cry over just about any sob story.


Completely Random: Favorite phrases

The following are a couple of phrases that I not only use but laugh at heartily when I hear other people say.

1. Its the end of days (probably my all time fav)

2. That's all you!

3. Showing your azz

4.Put sumthin with sumthin to get sumthin (my hubby's saying)

5. B.F.E

6. You crazy as all get out

7. Two tears in a bucket

8. Lawd have mercy.

9. Quit acking brand new

Please feel free to attach your own.


Guest post Courtesy of Undercover Black Man

I thought this was an excellent reminder that we cannot become so engrossed in ourselves that we forget about the contributions of others.

If you think the story of black people in America has too many forgotten chapters, let’s talk about the Indians. (November, after all, is American Indian Heritage Month.)

Did you know that the game of American football, as it is now played, owes a debt to Indians? Sportswriter Sally Jenkins explained this in her 2007 book “The Real All Americans.”

I was already vaguely aware of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, which was created by the U.S. government to “civilize” the conquered Indians. But I didn’t know that the “Carlisle Indians” were a collegiate football powerhouse in the early 20th century, competing against teams such as Harvard and Yale.

The Carlisle Indians couldn’t match the white teams for physical size. So instead of the common style of play – grinding trench warfare – Carlisle focused on speed, forward passing and offensive trickery.

This strategy was developed by Carlisle’s most successful coach, a white man known as“Pop” Warner.

Sally Jenkins focuses on a 1912 game between Carlisle and the U.S. Army team at West Point. Army’s star offensive player was halfback Dwight D. Eisenhower... a future president of the United States.

Carlisle’s star was one of the greatest athletes of all time, Jim Thorpe,who played running back, defensive back, kicker and punter.

The Carlisle Indians won.

The racial dimension of this game against Army is fascinating.Click hereto hear a minute-long excerpt from the audiobook version of “The Real All Americans.”


Get over it, and learn to deal!

A post racial society; well maybe notsomuch

"I can't say that every white person in Snellville is evil and anti-Obama and willing to desecrate my property because one or two idiots did it," said Millner, who is black. "But it definitely makes you look a little different at the people who you live with, and makes you wonder what they're capable of and what they're really thinking."

Potok, who is white, said he believes there is "a large subset of white people in this country who feel that they are losing everything they know, that the country their forefathers built has somehow been stolen from them."


Thanking Slave-masters; What next?

Soulja boy is young, rich, and famous and more importantly without any real significant parental influence; made obvious by his slave master comments:

He said, “Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we’d still be in Africa.”
“We wouldn’t be here,” he continued, to get this ice and tattoos.”

My heart actually bleeds for Soulja Boy. He has such a huge following, hell I even spent an afternoon trying to learn how to do the Soulja Boy. The problem with Soulja boy and the majority of rappers they are not doing anything significant with their celebrity. I truly believe his slave master's comment was in jest howbeit a poor one. It is just another example of how diluted hip hop culture has become.

The problem I see with the rap game it is no longer relevant Kanye is doing something new (which I like) but who else is changing the game. I have become so bored with hip hop that I have switched to listening to alternative rock for my afternoon commute home.

On a side note: Does anyone else miss Kelis? Rihanna is like a new reincarnated Kelis. There is no doubting her style but every time I see Rihanna I cannot help but think of Kelis. Come back Kelis.



I am not the cook in the family, I dislike the mess cooking makes. If anyone ever comes up with disposalble pots and pans then holla at your girl. As it is if it can't fit in one pan or one cassrole dish then count me out. I made chicken chowder last night and placed it in bread bowl. I SOOOO suprised my husband, he LOVED IT! So I don't do the Wedensday Wine Down (and yes I know today is not wedensday) anywhere near as good as Ash, I think I held my own last night.


Tavis Smiley: Financial Empowerment Part II

During the Nationwide Tour with Tavis Smiley I was granted personal time with Tavis Smiley and Jasmine Green of Nationwide.

Tavis’s response to new media at times was flattering and on the other end pointed out the problems with the blogosphere.

New media is phenomenal and I am using it myself I like it because it is a way to get information out instantly, it is a way to talk to a burgeoning group of people who are getting connected. The Obama campaign used the internet remarkably well; in ways I could never imagine ….

I like the new media I like the blogosphere but what I don’t like is there is no fact checking. Everyone has an opinion and because you have a blog you can put your opinion out there. What happens in the world we live in too much of what is opinion ends up taken as fact and that is not the best thing.

We also have to make sure that we are earnest and responsible.

Tavis's response to how to obtain traditional wealth was good common practical sense that too few follow:

Young people have to develop a money philosophy at a young age that is lasting. You cannot spend money you don’t have, stop buying stuff you don’t need to impress folk you don’t like.

Jasmine Green the Vice President Chief Customer Advocate at Nationwide

Jasmine Green response to the hardest aspect of getting minorities to seek financial stability was tempered by the overwhelming financial crunch people are facing. She stated:

Their own personal financial issues with people being out of work they have issues of not being able to afford home or car insurance. One thing I want to stress is it is crucial and vital to get insurance because the last thing you want to do is have a terrible event happen and you are not insured. We as a community may not have the annuities but we need to have the basic coverage. The basics will help us to avoid a crisis.

At the conclusion of the seminar Nationwide provided great breakout sessions to help people learn a starting point comfortable for their current fininical circumstances. The entire event was free in Dallas, Texas provided by Nationwide. Special thanks to Bob Cunningham Public Relations Manager with Nation wide and to Shawn Williams of Dallas South for the name drop.


Tavis Smiley: Financial Empowerment Part I

Tavis Smiley came to Dallas this weekend for the conclusion of a five city tour speaking Financial Empowerment to minorities. This talk was fresh off the heels of Barack Obama’s historic run and subsequent win of the Presidency.
Tavis’s talk was speckled with humor and sobriety. Tavis spoke of his friendship with Obama and Obama’s almost pensive acceptance speech on November 4th. He mentioned that the true comparison should not be Obama and Kennedy but Obama and Reagan; because of the overwhelming financial crisis both President’s inherited.

Tavis espoused research that stated this generation of Black Americans would be the first generation that would not do as well as the preceding generation. A depressing, frightening and sober financial prediction for those individuals coming into their adulthood within the next couple of years.

How did this generation arrive in this situation? College students are inundated with credit cards before many of them have settled into their dorm rooms. Parents do not leave any substantial financial legacy for their children. Often children are placed in the difficult position of paying off debts that are not their own. There can be little wonder how this generation of young and often gifted Black Americans find themselves in such distressing financial straits.

At the conclusion of Tavis’s speech I found myself wondering and questioning will the black community respond past November 4th ,will we grab hold of our future , move out of our own way, secure our future through sound investments by leaving a financial legacy, or by refusing to let our skin color define what we cannot accomplish.


Ron Clark Academy; Interview with CNN

Ron Clark Academy interveiws with CNN brings me to tears. If that young man gets it and understands I see a bright bright future for the upcoming youth of America.

Obama's election truly is a movement. I hope people remain involved this is how you change the world.


YEAH ME! Baby locs

I have started the loc process and I am very excited. Almost more excited than when I made the decision to go natural 2 years ago. During that time I learned a lot about myself and I am looking forward to learning what I can from my lock journey. Right now my head is starting to look a mess in about another week in a half I have no doubt that it will be a hot mess. However, I am ready to embrace these hurdles and preserve. My locktician (Regina) says with the majority of my hair texture that it should not take long for my hair to lock, but she also warned that I am going to have a lot of fuzziness because my hair is also so soft. So anyway here are two pics one from the first week and one now, I plan on visiting Regina for a re-twist the last week in November.

I know everybody’s locs are different and are a direct representation of who they are and I can not wait to see what story my locs will say about me. I would also like to say that my husband is COMPLETELY supportive of this process. We have watched countless YouTube videos; he has even browsed through some of the books that I bought. And I am sooooo happy that I have his support. Because I have no doubt that I am going to need it in the next 2-4 months.

Ya’ll wish me well on my journey.

Oh and I have slightly over a hundred baby locs on my head, I think when I go back I will have her combine 4 of them.




I have been on a media blackout since last week and was very sadden to find out this morning that Barack Obama’s grandmother had passed away yesterday. I do not even want to imagine my life with out my grandmother.

Talk among the hypercritical conservative right has already begun regarding Barack’s decision to continue to campaign. However I want to relate a story regarding the death of my husband’s mother.

His mother knew she was dying of complications from Lupus. His mom took a turn for the worse during the finals of my husband’s sophomore year. She refused to let anyone tell him that she was dying. He returned home from school and a day later she passed away.

Her love from my husband was so strong that she did not want anything to affect his concentration during finals. My husband was the first in his family to attend college. This was such a proud event for her that there was absolutely nothing she wanted to stand in his way of achievement. I can only imagine the sacrifice that was for her and my husband’s younger brother; to take the brunt of her pain and suffering unto themselves.

The best thing my husband did in honoring her memory is finishing school, passing his exit exam on the first try (the only person in his class to do so) and going on to make a good life for himself and me. He honored her memory.

Barack can do no less. His grandmother gave support and unconditional love. He owes her to finish strong to Persevere . God Bless and keep the Obama family and the remaining members of his grandmothers family.


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