I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Ash author of Go Bytch and because I ignored her last tag I feel obligated to participate in this one. Boo hooo

Ok I am to name 7 random/weird factoids about myself.

1. Like all good CLS’s I talk out loud to myself when working though a problem. I am no longer even embarrassed when someone gives me the side eye

2. I have no arches

3. When something is extremely funny I snort loudly and often

4. I enjoy teaching people but I don’t want to be a teacher in the conventional sense of the word

5. I have a tiny pinpoint hole in the center of my forehead (most people don’t even notice it). I forget the medical term for it but I remember the plastic surgeon telling me it would cost 450 bucks to get rid of it. Needless to say I am still walking around with it.

6. I love being outdoors!

7. I’m a big titty baby I cry over just about any sob story.


Reader Comments

awwwww..... I love it! Thanks I can't believe you did it. I'm sorry Jazzy I had to tag you .. you are one of my favorites!!!

Interesting things to know about you hun!

Ok, back to the regular program. Where are you phelps???

Go B.

Anything for Ash.

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