I’m still a Christian?!

I guess I consider myself either a Christin in training or either a searching Christian.

I feel I have a personal relationship with God. I talk to him constantly throughout the day when I’m angry, happy or even feeling lost. What I am not to sure about is the credence that in order to be saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost Christian you must attend church.

I am far from the ideal Christian but I truly feel that I am neither one of those shucking and jiving. I have faults in which I constantly ask the Lord for his help with changing. There are times when I know I past the test he sets before me and others when I fail miserably.

My husband and I pray almost every night together (with the exception when we go to bed at separate times). Throughout the day we give God thanks for all that we have. We are truly blessed. I believe we have a blessed marriage relatively little drama; both of our families love each other. We don’t suffer from the dreaded in-law disease. We live a comfortable financially stable life.

As a scientist I believe in the big bang theory I believe in evolution (to an extent) however, I believe those were part of a larger higher power.

I do find myself wondering how the Lord came to be; but I do not doubt his existence. There have been times when I find it hard to continue to believe but even in those times I find myself talking to the God.

Can I be a Christian that does not attend church, or are the two inseparable?


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I think that you need to come together with someone. I don't think it has to be an official church or service.

Matthew 18:20

I actually agree Phelps; I don't see why I can't hold Bible study in my own home, or even a service of sorts. My husband and I both agree on tithing however, he believes that the tithe belongs to the Church whereas I am of a mind as to giving it away to someone in need. So because of our belief in tithing my Husband is constantly on a quest to find a suitable Church. Bringing the tithe in to build the store house does not (to me necessarily) mean the Church for me but restoring people’s faith in good will and God’s love.

This is part of the reason why I am not to hard on Agnostics or Atheist; to each their own.

It's just my gut feeling (I don't have scripture handy to back it up) but I think that if you give your 1 in 10 to the causes that Jesus went after (getting whores better ways to support themselves, feeding hungry people, picking up bar tabs for long haired guys in sandals) I bet G would be OK with that.

getting whores better ways to support themselves, feeding hungry people, picking up bar tabs for long haired guys in sandals.

Aaahhhh. I actually laughed out loud.

I had to fight through your double negative, but I agree with Phelps. "Where two or three are gathered in my name." If you are getting together on a consistent basis with a group of believers you're straight.

We make one another better when we are in fellowship. Also there is a church, or even Bible study, that would be Blessed by the presence of you and Mister Man. Just something else to think about.

Ha Shawn I just read through that last part and I see what you mean. Correcting immediately.

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