I have been on a media blackout since last week and was very sadden to find out this morning that Barack Obama’s grandmother had passed away yesterday. I do not even want to imagine my life with out my grandmother.

Talk among the hypercritical conservative right has already begun regarding Barack’s decision to continue to campaign. However I want to relate a story regarding the death of my husband’s mother.

His mother knew she was dying of complications from Lupus. His mom took a turn for the worse during the finals of my husband’s sophomore year. She refused to let anyone tell him that she was dying. He returned home from school and a day later she passed away.

Her love from my husband was so strong that she did not want anything to affect his concentration during finals. My husband was the first in his family to attend college. This was such a proud event for her that there was absolutely nothing she wanted to stand in his way of achievement. I can only imagine the sacrifice that was for her and my husband’s younger brother; to take the brunt of her pain and suffering unto themselves.

The best thing my husband did in honoring her memory is finishing school, passing his exit exam on the first try (the only person in his class to do so) and going on to make a good life for himself and me. He honored her memory.

Barack can do no less. His grandmother gave support and unconditional love. He owes her to finish strong to Persevere . God Bless and keep the Obama family and the remaining members of his grandmothers family.


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Too much sadness. I cried over the Hudsons and now the Obamas. Hopefully we will all be rejoicing tonight!!!

I would not fault him for suspending his campaign through the election for this. I don't think that he will, but I would not fault him for it.

My grandmother died after a long battle with liver failure. It's different than a sudden death when you know it is coming for weeks or months. You start grieving long before they are gone, and I was even a little relieved (and guilty for feeling that way) when she finally died and was no longer in pain. Everyone grieves differently. I went back to work very quickly, and I think Obama will too.

I hope that Obama has a strong support network that has been and will help him though this, and that he will be able to help the rest of his family.

I'm still shaking. In a good way. But I am so glad it is finally over.

The promise of America has been renewed!

We did it! Barack Obama is our new president and we can be proud of this moment in history.

At last, the page was turned on the tyranny of 8 years of Bush/Cheney and our core values and principles will be restored.

I am so proud of this nation.

awww Jazzy I thought about you today I said she is probably doing the cript walk to this great news whoo hoo!

luv ya hun!

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