I am not the cook in the family, I dislike the mess cooking makes. If anyone ever comes up with disposalble pots and pans then holla at your girl. As it is if it can't fit in one pan or one cassrole dish then count me out. I made chicken chowder last night and placed it in bread bowl. I SOOOO suprised my husband, he LOVED IT! So I don't do the Wedensday Wine Down (and yes I know today is not wedensday) anywhere near as good as Ash, I think I held my own last night.


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I'm planning pan-roasted game hen tomorrow. It's a one skillet deal, too.



You've GOTTA check out Good Eats. Alton Brown is my cooking messiah.

Phelps that does look easy tastey. And our TV stays on food network so much I am worried about getting an image burned into the screen.

OMG...*hugs* Jazzy I am so proud of you!!! You presented that chowder well. You know I have never eaten Clam Chowder but that looks YUM. YOU know I also never thought to serve soup in a bread bowl. I so love that idea. You get Kudos for this one!!!!

Go B.

I was in Seattle over the weekend and had the best clam chowder (twice). But for me it's hard to go wrong with chowder, even Campbell's is good for me.

Speaking of chowder, Truluck's changed their corn chowder recipe. Uh....not that good.


Hey Lady...where have you been?

Hey Ash I am back, I was just taking some me time.

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