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As if the American public that actually uses it brain needed a book detailing the deception, lies and the use of propaganda used by the Bush administration. I for one am not going to rush out and purchase this tell –all. Maybe McClellan’s book will enlighten the still ignorant and hopeless blind followers of the Bush administration of his every increasing trend toward fascism and the ever increasing importance of America above all other nationalities. And hopefully this will allow voters in November to know that a President elect in the form of John McCain (and the ridiculously wealthy elitist Cindy McCain) will ensure an increase towards belligerence and the continued culpability began by the Bush Administration.



This was picture was published on the Daily Kos by One Citizen, the blog owner has removed the image and post entirely from his site. Thank you Villager and All about race for bringing this to attention. The future first lady of America has been brutally dehumanized and the sexuality of the black woman flagrantly generalized with her dressed in a red. However, are white liberals going to be allowed to justify race baiting because of their support of Obama? The amount of insensitivity reflected in the posting of this picture is not regulated to rednecks,rabid Clinton supporters and RepuliKlans. Racial and cultural insensitivity is a battle that must be fought on all fronts even among those we call friends.


Thank you Bushy and DyckHead Cheney

Thanks to the culpability of the Bush administration I will now have temporary custody of two children in Mid-June. My brother and his wife are shipping out to Iraq within two weeks of each other. I mean I really feel like dropping the F bomb all over this friggin page today. AAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Shit I’m pissed! I love my nephews and my brother dearly but that doesn’t mean I can’t be upset. The life of my husband and I will be disrupted for a year with the little pitter patter of feet. Want to know how little thought you would ask? The oldest will turn 3 in July and the youngest will barely be 4 MONTHS OLD. Shit I don’t know anything about children. I have never even changed a diaper in my life. Now my husband and I are scrambling trying to find a pediatrician a good daycare and figure out how I am going to finish school now. Shit!

I really have no right to feel selfish, this will be my brothers third tour of duty, and his wife my God her child is only 4 months old. I know and they know this is what they signed up for but hell the military could have rotated their tours so that their family life and stability of the children would not be so disrupted.

If anyone knows of a good pediatrician or daycare preferably in the far North Dallas area please hit me up!


Move over Cliff and Clare Huxtable

The Economic Influence upon Human Life

When the economic dollar begins to determine who has the right to live and the right to a life free from treatable diseases it becomes a sad day for all of humanity. ThisTedTalks Video demonstrates how the economic savants that be determine essentially who will live and reduces human life to who offers the most bang for the buck.

Faced with limited funds and a crippled infrastructure people in these impoverished areas should be grateful for the little that we do. But why when we can do so much more and because it is not economically feasible or beneficial we chose not to.


For those that forgot

I don't get to read for fun as often as I would like but, I was able to squeeze this novel in and I strongly urge everyone to read it. As the current American population grapples with the threat of a recession; tens of thousands of people in Africa are dying daily due to HIV/AIDS and millions of children are orphaned. Taking action to aid then becomes a choice between individual comfort and the desire to better the world for all living beings.

I loved this book simply because Stephanie Nolen aimed its readership not towards those individuals that have made HIV/AIDS there sole life purpose but to those individuals that may have become complacent about the horrors and deleterious effects of HIV/AIDS. However, experts fighting in the midst of the HIV/AIDS crisis may find renewed strength and vigor in the very open and honest and oftentimes painful stories narrated by Nolen.

It is important to remember that “AIDS has robbed them of much more than health” it has robbed this people of a productive life; and left them with a legacy many would rather keep hidden (Nolen, 2007, p. 17). Martin Luther King Jr. said it best “in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”, after reading Nolen’s 28 stories no one in good conscious can or should remain silent.


Mental Health

The disease and consequence of mental health never struck me as an issue of paramount concern. I always assumed that everyone had a crazy uncle Pete, right, or was that just my family. Mental illnesses are often diseases sheltered and closeted away from public view. Historical attitudes towards mental health have fluctuated greatly among different societies and cultures. Mental health is a disease felt strongly across economic boundaries, it affects the rich and the poor alike. However, mental health treatments, diagnoses, and care often differ between these groups.

Depression and other clinical mental disorders are rapidly affecting the lives of millions across the globe. Mental health threatens the core and foundations of every society, because it jeopardizes family stability and the ability of people to make sound cognitive judgments.



Sustainable Living or Dire Consequences

The world in its current state of 6 billion people is rapidly approaching the earths limit forcarrying capacity.Currently the globe is practicing unsustainable practices that are increasing the depletion of natural and nonrenewable energy resources. Sustainable living is easy and achievable I am not say to go and live like These People, but there aresustainable solutions that we all can adapt to our daily lifestyles.

We are going to have to learn responsibility we can not keep living as if the world is composed of infinite resources to use at our discretion. In no way am I advocating a return to the dark or middle ages, but for a sustainable living to ensure that this generation of children and there children will have a life free of worries from the all consuming mentality that we have adopted. Other developed nations are light years head of us in their stewardship of the environment. If you have not seen the movie an “Inconvenient Truth” I urge you to place it on your next Net Flix delivery.

Globally, the 20% of the world's people in the highest-income countries account for 86% of total private consumption expenditures - the poorest 20% a minuscule 1.3%. (globalissues.org)

Nation’s like ours cannot continue to steal and plunder the earth resources we are using more than our fair share and the total population of the United States is diminutive in comparison to burgeoning populations in India. Yet we continue to consume STUFF.

For a further explanation of this phenomenon please visit Craig Nulans blog page concerning Mutualism. Responsibility belongs to each and every inhabitant on this earth.


Texting Privileges Revoked! Effective Immediately

Someone please take away his texting privileges!Ok when the story broke I was trying to keep my head above water in my new classes. So now that I have had time to review hisTexts all I can ASK is WHY?


Do Black women deserved to be known as Strong and Independent

Ok so instead of finishing up a paper I was goofing around on youtube (yeah I know big mistake). I came across several postings regarding black women’s claim to independence and how irritating that is for some men to hear. So I wanted to take time and examine how black women came to be known by the adjectives strong and independent. Please keep in mind these are just my own opinions (I am being lackdasicale and don’t feel up to really doing in depth research)

Circumstance 1. During slavery black women were raped repeatedly sometimes in front of their husbands as another means of dehumanizing the male and weakening the relationship between the black male and female.

Black Woman’s Response 1. The black woman in this situation endures the rape and continues with life, trying to placate an enraged husband who feels helpless and bound by his circumstances.

Circumstance 2. Post-civil war black men are now officially on the grind for a living wage. Black men are met with resistance to their new found freedom, hatred, bigotry, and the need to provide for their families like a man should.

Black Woman’s Response 2. Response to hatred provides the black male with the only respect that he is likely to receive.

Response to bigotry: black woman comforts husband and children provides emotional stability.

Circumstance 3.The break up of the Black family by the following:

A) Lynching an untold number of men lost their lives leaving women and children behind.
Black women: are now placed into the role of sole provider and care-giver
B) Crack cocaine (effected men and women equally) tore families up in the 80s. Grandmothers were left to raise grandchildren.
C) Massive incarceration of black men
Black women once again are left as sole providers and caregivers

This post is in no way meant to denigrate black men but an explanation of how black women have achieved and earned the adjectives of strong and independent. Note I will be doing a future post on women who claim they are independent but actually are not. Also a future post will be coming on the reunification of the black family unit.


Don’t Fall for the Okie Doke

I should have known better, working in the hospital atmosphere I see it too many times, but what did I do, I fell for the OKIE DOKE! Damn do I feel stupid. Quick run down last year around this same time my husband had to rush me to the ER in a wrapped sheet because I was in too much pain to get dressed, we get there and we are told that I’m dehydrated and that is causing my UNBEARABLE pain, they give me an IV some muscle relaxers and sent me on my merry way.

First of all I drink nothing but water (and the occasionally alcoholic beverage) to ever be dehydrated. I never thought this was my problem but hey after the muscle relaxer everything is all good (right). The problem is I KNEW something was wrong I KNEW it, I could FEEL it.

People you have to be your own advocate Doctors don’t know everything. And no, I’m not slamming doctors because even in my field if I’m not used to seeing a particular bug it may take me a couple of days, weeks to ID it. Your doctor just may not be familiar with your particular aliment or it may not be common for people in your age range, race, etc.

So I let a year go by not listening to my body, not slowing down, but taking on extra upon extra upon extra then bam the pain is back WTF. This time I did a little researching of my own it turns out I may have gall stones, I am heading to a specialist today but I think it’s going to turn out that gall stones are my problem. My mother said that both of my cousins had to have their gall bladders removed around my same age. Ok so what I want people to know is this:

1. Dr.’s may misdiagnose because you don’t fit the typical picture (which was the case with my cousins and probably will be with me)
2. Don’t be afraid to question your doctor this is your body you know it better than they do
3. Be assertive and persistent when you believe there is a problem
4. Be PATIENT and WILLING to listen
5. Don’t fall for the OKIE DOKE! Listen to yourself

For more information please visit the link attached to the title, this website has a great section in regards to African American health disparities and advocacy


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