Don’t Fall for the Okie Doke

I should have known better, working in the hospital atmosphere I see it too many times, but what did I do, I fell for the OKIE DOKE! Damn do I feel stupid. Quick run down last year around this same time my husband had to rush me to the ER in a wrapped sheet because I was in too much pain to get dressed, we get there and we are told that I’m dehydrated and that is causing my UNBEARABLE pain, they give me an IV some muscle relaxers and sent me on my merry way.

First of all I drink nothing but water (and the occasionally alcoholic beverage) to ever be dehydrated. I never thought this was my problem but hey after the muscle relaxer everything is all good (right). The problem is I KNEW something was wrong I KNEW it, I could FEEL it.

People you have to be your own advocate Doctors don’t know everything. And no, I’m not slamming doctors because even in my field if I’m not used to seeing a particular bug it may take me a couple of days, weeks to ID it. Your doctor just may not be familiar with your particular aliment or it may not be common for people in your age range, race, etc.

So I let a year go by not listening to my body, not slowing down, but taking on extra upon extra upon extra then bam the pain is back WTF. This time I did a little researching of my own it turns out I may have gall stones, I am heading to a specialist today but I think it’s going to turn out that gall stones are my problem. My mother said that both of my cousins had to have their gall bladders removed around my same age. Ok so what I want people to know is this:

1. Dr.’s may misdiagnose because you don’t fit the typical picture (which was the case with my cousins and probably will be with me)
2. Don’t be afraid to question your doctor this is your body you know it better than they do
3. Be assertive and persistent when you believe there is a problem
4. Be PATIENT and WILLING to listen
5. Don’t fall for the OKIE DOKE! Listen to yourself

For more information please visit the link attached to the title, this website has a great section in regards to African American health disparities and advocacy


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advocating for being proactive about our health! Yes!

Yes, Preach. We have to be our own advocates and really question. You no doubt have seen the many articles citing studies showing that people of color suffer more amputations, more mis- and late diagnosis and less pain relief.
I was not diagnosed for over a decade with a fairly common problem that 25% of women suffer from. By the time I was diagnosed my situation was too critical to do anything but the most invasive of treatments. I ended up having semi-emergency major surgery within 10 days of my (belated) diagnosis.
Demand better - if you can't get it from one care provider, do elsewhere and keep questioning.
I'm glad you've caught your condition before it became critical, still, having to suffer through that kind of pain and to get the pat on the head and sent home with muscle relaxers... jeesh.

@Kellebelle… thanks for visiting I think I may have found a new cause to champion

@ac I am truly sorry about your situation, I am trying my best to keep mine form reaching that point. Will keep you updated.

Unless we are specific about our ailments sometimes it is hard for the doctor to diagnois our real problem. Good thing you did your own investigating.

Something for your perusal.

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