This was picture was published on the Daily Kos by One Citizen, the blog owner has removed the image and post entirely from his site. Thank you Villager and All about race for bringing this to attention. The future first lady of America has been brutally dehumanized and the sexuality of the black woman flagrantly generalized with her dressed in a red. However, are white liberals going to be allowed to justify race baiting because of their support of Obama? The amount of insensitivity reflected in the posting of this picture is not regulated to rednecks,rabid Clinton supporters and RepuliKlans. Racial and cultural insensitivity is a battle that must be fought on all fronts even among those we call friends.


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What caused him to do that> What was the point of the post?

That picture was so unnecessary

Whatever his point Siditty the picture was not needed, the images were used for WOW factor. However, I don't think the reaction he received was the one he was going for when he posted this picture.

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