Black people and the Republican Party are not that different

Since the Republican Party's inception during the early 1850s, strong morals and values have been emphasized. These two concepts are highly valued within the black community and cherished above all else. One of the issues that Republicans cling to is their constantly support of biblically based morals and values. (This is also extremely important within the black community as evident by the increasing numbers of HIV/AIDS cases among African American women due to down-low behavior among men; but this is another blog for another day).

With the firestorm that has ensured with Rev. Wrights incessant TV mongering people are continuing to ride Obama’s back as if he is solely to blame for his pastor’s remarks and that somehow condones and even secretly agrees with his inflammatory statements. Black people are moderate conservative, we have always been that way, will likely remain so.

Barack Obama is a moderate conservative IMO who happens to be running on the democratic ticket. If he was running on the Republican ticket he would be hailed as the next person following Condi Rice, Collin Powell, and Tiger Woods (to name a few) that have been able to transcend race. However, because he has chosen to run as a democrat he is unjustly maligned and marginalized into a back peddling side show. People don’t get it twisted Obama is an ideal for most of us, he or whoever is elected as the next president of the United States will be a figure head the rest of government will be left up to concerned constituents.



The mockery of justice present in the Sean Bell case got me to thinking about the justice system in my own neck of the woods. I knew Dallas had begun a project to exonerate incarcerated individuals in conjunction with theInnoncence project To date 17 people have been exonerated through DNA evidence in Dallas County with one waiting for release today. The names and time sentenced and or served are listed below, for further reading about these men please visit HERE

Thomas Clifford McCowan served 2+ decades
Charles Allen Chatman served 27 years
Steven Phillips
James Curtis served 10 years, 14 years on parole
James Waller sentenced to 30 years
Andrew Gossett sentenced to 50years
Larry Fuller sentenced to 50 years
Greg Walls sentenced to 50 years, served 18 years
Billy James Smith served 19 years
Donald Wayne Good sentenced to LIFE in prison
Eugene Henton
Nax Karage served 7 years
Keith Turner sentenced to 20years
Wiley Fountain sentenced to 40 years
David Shawn Pope served 15 years

Life is too short and vaulable for justice to be ignored just because you "LOOK" like the gulity party. God Bless you all and your families.



Many people have chosen to focus on race as the issue of Sean Bells death. Do I believe that race played some part in the excessive use of police force, irrevocable the answer is yes. It is of no consequence that two of the three officers charged were also the same race as Mr. Bell, racism was still part of the equation. I do not believe that had this same situation occurred on the east side of Manhattan, with a group of white male friends, would it have required 50 shots to stop the assailants.

However, the greater issue at hand is the excessive use of force by the New York police department. Black people at large are instinctively mistrustful of police and with good reason. The benefit of the doubt is never given to people of color, time after time our cell phones are mistaken for guns. Are people of color the only people that carry cell phones, I seriously doubt it.

How and when does it change. For now my heart is hurt at the hypocrisy of it all. Michael Vick was sent to prison, lost all potential to earn a living for dog fighting, DOG FIGHTING. This man lost his life with no justice being served in the court of justice. This unfortunately is still the state of race relations in America, when a dog’s life is worth more than a black man’s.


Damn You Billiary

So the race continues. Damn you Billiary! Billiary there are some convenient facts that you are neglecting to consider in your bid for the presidential nomination. Those trivial and insignificant facts include but are not limited to:

1. YOU are losing in pledge delegates
2. YOU can not finically compete with Obama
3. People mistrust you

Americans are by far in large tired of politics as usual. You Billiary are the epitome of politics in Washington. This farce of a primary has continued long enough, the chasm that is now bridging the Democratic Party could prove insurmountable by the fall. This I lay solely at the feet of the machinations of Billiary.

The DNC and the remaining super delegates need to wake up and follow the money trail. Billiary began the PA primary in DEBT, how are you going to pull America out of an impending recession when you can not even manage your own campaign. Obama has consistently raised and out raised any of his competitors with the support of everyday people like myself.

I think it is important for all democrats to realize what is at stake this election year. The next president of the United States will choose at least one (if not two) nominations for the Supreme Court. Currently our supreme court Justices sway and lean to the right of issues that are the heart of the Democratic national party.

Therefore, for any individual who says that if Billiary gets the nod I will not vote for them, people don't get it twisted we will still need a president in office that holds the democratic values as their core. However, finically Billiary I can not support you as I have done with Obama, and I believe this to be true of his other donors. You can not go around pissing on people then expecting them to embrace you with open arms.


A brief Aside

In my interesting reading links I have listed blog websites that I (omg) find interesting. I do not and probably will not agree with everything said on their blogs but I value their opinions and perspectives.



Not the Typical Black Person

I have heard this comment from black people (bp) and white people (wp) alike. Whenever, this statement is issued it is offensive no matter the race of the person. When a wp issues the comment they (I think) mean it as a form of flattery (as if) however, when bp issues the comment IT IS meant to question your blackness. In all fairness I have to admit that this comment is infinitely more hurtful when other bp addresses it to me. My husband for years used to say this accompanied by a headshake and additional comments such as you want to do what, you really believe that, or don’t you see. Comments like this one and others along its ilk only succeed in stereotyping or placing people in pigeon holes (which at times I am guilty of both; so please feel free to call me on it anytime).

As far as the typical black person, who is a typical black person, are they the reflection of the media or the newest rap video, or maybe a newer version of the Clare and Cliff. It is so easy for the minority to be stereotyped by the ignorant behavior of the few (which the media takes every opportunity to play up). Do bp have certain idosycnrosises that are distinct (but not exclusive) to their culture? The answer is yes, but those idiosyncrasies go well and far beyond (and often have deeper meaning) than the gold teeth, do-rag wearing people you see scattered across your local nightly news.

I know its going to be difficult to being to value people for who they are because the first thing we see is physical we don’t (and never will) see the interior of the person until we make a concerted effort to engage that person. Stereotypical comments only strain race-relations among the color lines and within color lines. People are inherently a product of their surroundings. I grew up in the country I like country things my husband grew up in da’ hood, at times (in private) he regresses. Surroundings usually will depict the behavior of people and not their race. However, their race can and usually will depict their surroundings.



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