The mockery of justice present in the Sean Bell case got me to thinking about the justice system in my own neck of the woods. I knew Dallas had begun a project to exonerate incarcerated individuals in conjunction with theInnoncence project To date 17 people have been exonerated through DNA evidence in Dallas County with one waiting for release today. The names and time sentenced and or served are listed below, for further reading about these men please visit HERE

Thomas Clifford McCowan served 2+ decades
Charles Allen Chatman served 27 years
Steven Phillips
James Curtis served 10 years, 14 years on parole
James Waller sentenced to 30 years
Andrew Gossett sentenced to 50years
Larry Fuller sentenced to 50 years
Greg Walls sentenced to 50 years, served 18 years
Billy James Smith served 19 years
Donald Wayne Good sentenced to LIFE in prison
Eugene Henton
Nax Karage served 7 years
Keith Turner sentenced to 20years
Wiley Fountain sentenced to 40 years
David Shawn Pope served 15 years

Life is too short and vaulable for justice to be ignored just because you "LOOK" like the gulity party. God Bless you all and your families.


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yes life is too short, what should we anticipate, when behavior is the root

Behavior is ultimately learned and therefore, IMO can be unlearned. Education, awareness, and political will are the only tools with the ability to fight injustice.

Torrance thanks for stopping by.

Hello Ms. Jazzy. This is a great source of information and also troubles me because it makes me ponder how many more are still locked up who are innocent. Did you see the 60 Minutes piece a couple of weeks ago on the Brother who has been in prison over 25 years, was lied on by a criminal who told his lawyers who in turn could not come forward because of the client privelidge and may never get out?

Very sobering.

@MrsShadow… No I don’t get a chance to watch as much TV I will try and find some snippets online of that 60 minutes show. Also, you are absolutely correct that this is sad and sobering, for some of the individuals accused they would have probably followed a path that led to prison anyway but for the others they have lost something more precious than gold, in which they can never retrieve. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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