Damn You Billiary

So the race continues. Damn you Billiary! Billiary there are some convenient facts that you are neglecting to consider in your bid for the presidential nomination. Those trivial and insignificant facts include but are not limited to:

1. YOU are losing in pledge delegates
2. YOU can not finically compete with Obama
3. People mistrust you

Americans are by far in large tired of politics as usual. You Billiary are the epitome of politics in Washington. This farce of a primary has continued long enough, the chasm that is now bridging the Democratic Party could prove insurmountable by the fall. This I lay solely at the feet of the machinations of Billiary.

The DNC and the remaining super delegates need to wake up and follow the money trail. Billiary began the PA primary in DEBT, how are you going to pull America out of an impending recession when you can not even manage your own campaign. Obama has consistently raised and out raised any of his competitors with the support of everyday people like myself.

I think it is important for all democrats to realize what is at stake this election year. The next president of the United States will choose at least one (if not two) nominations for the Supreme Court. Currently our supreme court Justices sway and lean to the right of issues that are the heart of the Democratic national party.

Therefore, for any individual who says that if Billiary gets the nod I will not vote for them, people don't get it twisted we will still need a president in office that holds the democratic values as their core. However, finically Billiary I can not support you as I have done with Obama, and I believe this to be true of his other donors. You can not go around pissing on people then expecting them to embrace you with open arms.


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