Black people and the Republican Party are not that different

Since the Republican Party's inception during the early 1850s, strong morals and values have been emphasized. These two concepts are highly valued within the black community and cherished above all else. One of the issues that Republicans cling to is their constantly support of biblically based morals and values. (This is also extremely important within the black community as evident by the increasing numbers of HIV/AIDS cases among African American women due to down-low behavior among men; but this is another blog for another day).

With the firestorm that has ensured with Rev. Wrights incessant TV mongering people are continuing to ride Obama’s back as if he is solely to blame for his pastor’s remarks and that somehow condones and even secretly agrees with his inflammatory statements. Black people are moderate conservative, we have always been that way, will likely remain so.

Barack Obama is a moderate conservative IMO who happens to be running on the democratic ticket. If he was running on the Republican ticket he would be hailed as the next person following Condi Rice, Collin Powell, and Tiger Woods (to name a few) that have been able to transcend race. However, because he has chosen to run as a democrat he is unjustly maligned and marginalized into a back peddling side show. People don’t get it twisted Obama is an ideal for most of us, he or whoever is elected as the next president of the United States will be a figure head the rest of government will be left up to concerned constituents.


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Jazzy I agree...people give me a hard time about being a black republican. Sometimes I wish they would at least accidentally read up on the history of the political parties! My choice was based on the history and you are absolutely correct! But now it's kinda like waters are so muddy between both parties it's almost hard to tell the difference now a days!

now that you mention it - obama does remind me of Condi Rice, Collin Powell, and Tiger Woods

i still think he is the best candidate for president. even if reverend wright doesn't.

@Go… yes the political waters are indeed murky. For the most part the majority of Americans are moderate. I am a democrat but that has never kept me from voting for a republican if I thought that person had my best interest at heart.
@Don agreed on all accounts. Rev. Wright has done a lot of good in his life time unfortunately it will be overshadowed by his recent remarks and behavior. Thanks for stopping by

hey what about us libertarians?

There is room for us all ;-)

In terms of republicans and democrats, they have changed their ideals back and forth for decades, but I still can't get it in me to vote republican for the most part, because the candidates here in Texas fit the stereotypical angry white man republican mold, for the most part. There have only been maybe two republican candidates in my life I considered voting for. I know at one time Strom Thurmond was a Democrat, and know the history of the Dixiecrats, but seriously, the Reagan administration molded my view of what a current Republican is, and that isn't me. Of course our current President doesn't help me have love for the Republican Party either.

I am in shock all these people are running around blaming Obama for what Rev. Wright said. Rev. Wright said some crazy things, but how many other pastors have done the same, and kept the same congregation for years?

@Siditty I completely understand your feelings about the Republican party, I do find myself at times voting for a particular candidate. I do hold the core democratic vaules to heart like most black Americans. The images of the NRA and the present day administration does not do well to boast the republican image among our demographic, but at the end of the day republicans and democrats are all politicians.

On a side tip I think for the most part the White America just does not understand the allegiance black people have to their church. I think Obama was hurt this is a man that he regards a father figure and to have the relationship regulated to a mutated side show is hurtful on all kinds of levels that I don’t even want to explore. I feel from Obama and his pastor.

I agree with you right up until you call Barack a moderate conservative. His record (what little there is of it) just doesn't support that. He's stated that he wants to raise taxes even though it will decrease gov revenue to be "fair" and fall heavily on the side of gun control.

And if he wasn't a Democrat, his politics would have knocked him out of the running a long time ago (just like Keyes.) I'm keeping my eye on Michael Steele, though.

@Phelps I guess I should clarify I was speaking more of his core values rather than his political aspirations. I still contend that if he was running as a Republican his ability to bridge party lines and compromise on core principles held sacred by each party he would be sworn in tomorrow. John McCain is still a Republican but he is a moderate conservative as well (check out on the The reason for this belief is simple the Republican party needs another black person to figure head their floundering reputation among their few black supports, especially with the defection of Collin Powell.

Unlike McCain, I haven't seen any indications that Obama can bridge any party lines. Of course, he hasn't really done anything one way or the other.

And Republicans aren't big on figurehead anything. We generally don't play Identity Bingo. We just want whoever is best for the job and hope that they are judged on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

@PhelpsI would ask how old you are and where have you been living in the US so that I CAN move there so that I CAN be viewed as a person rather than a BLACK person. But I have a feeling your world and belief that people can be treated based upon their character doesn't really exist. As far as not being aware of Obama’s accomplishments please check out the website I listed earlier and educate yourself.

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