Should HIV/AIDS be viewed as a Chronic Illness?

HIV/AIDS is often compared to other chronic illness which, in my opinion could pose a problem for intervention. By definition HIV/AIDS does fall into the Chronic illnesscategory because it to date still remains incurable. However, with the increase in HIV/AIDS AIDS infection rates among Black women maybe a different terminology should be used to convey the seriousness of living with HIV/AIDS and its complications.

HIV/AIDS is unlike any other disease recorded in history. It’s mechanism of infection of seek and destroy, at present has made it difficult to create an effective system of containment. Health educators can teach the importance of self protection but for many they, are still willing to participate in risky behavior. Dr. Berkley believes that because HIV/AIDS is now becoming viewed as a chronic problem treatable with antiretrovirals, and the fact that less than 10 percent of people who are infected know their status makes interventions for prevention and treatment difficult (Koop, Pearson, & Schwarz, 2002).

It is my personal belief that a lack of self appreciation and gender respect helps to proliferate the spread of HIV/AIDS. Women often find themselves placing the needs of others above their own. The mental and emotional stress from this mentality has lead to a neglect of self, which in some ways are allowing HIV/AIDS to invade at high rates.

Two Local Organizations:


AIDs Interfaith Network Faith Based

Information for those looking to fund a HIV/AIDS program

National Prevention Information Network

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CNN Black in America

I finally got the chance to view the Black in America series in its entirety this weekend. Overall I would say that my reaction to the series was just tepid. The data presented was not representative of ALL Black America. The series completely left out the majority of success stories (outside of the Rand Family) and focused entirely on the struggling inner city. The media continues to skew the representative culture of Black America and we give them a pass and highly laud a program like CNN’s Black in America.

I want to make it absolutely clear that the program was fine, but they should have renamed the program to something akin to Living in America while Black and Broke. A title, as thus would probably have engendered my tepid reaction to become upgraded to pleased. Black America was not fully represented a few token success stories were thrown in among a generous amount of stories peppered with people in poverty surrounded by economic and education disparities.

The image I walked away from after viewing Black in America was: Damn Black people are doing badly. Then I had to check myself and realize this is far from the truth. There is a segment of Black America that is struggling or hovering right around the poverty line. However, I truly believe for a majority of these individuals positive reinforcement revolving around a different life than what they find themselves mired in will broaden their expectations for themselves. Without adequate representation through visual images this segment of Black America will continue to view the world of middle class Black America as an intangible.


The Great American Equalizer

Education and hard work are the consistent mantra that permeates the essence of the American Dream. Education, as we know, is not created equally nor is it extolled equally. Schools in lower socioeconomic areas are rife with underperforming curriculums, in desperate need of updated teaching materials, and innovated ideas to excite beaten down students to achieve a goal they believe unattainable in the first place.

For many students in lower socioeconomic areas the belief that they have a chance to enter college is surreal. Many struggle with the basics because they are never driven to learn or even taught but rather pushed on to the next level. For those not lost in the public school systems they head off to college earn their degree and look forward to their future. A future, according to the America dream, should grant them privileges and entrance into a new world far from what many of them knew.

Instead, what waits according to data is a closing in income among Black households in comparison to their white counterparts but the glaring disparity arises between white men and black men to the tune of approximately 10,000k with the same degree and experience.

Soledad Obrien mentioned that White men who are ex-cons are more likely to receive a job offer in comparison to black men with an education, because the perception is that black men are lazy and don’t know how to dress properly.

There are no more visible chains and shackles but what remains is far more pervasive, unjustified perceptions and insidious stereotypes that are used as excuses to justify and mask underlining racial prejudices be they conscious or subconscious.

So what then happens when you do everything according to the playbook and you still come up short? How do we keep young Black adults encouraged when they realize the Great American Equalizer is meant for everyone but them?

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Why Lie?

“Apparently desperate to distance himself from any affiliation with law enforcement, the rapper Rick Ross has recently denounced as fake photos purporting to show him in a former career as a Florida prison guard. But Department of Corrections (DoC) records show that Ross, whose raps detail the Miami gangster lifestyle and his supposed days trafficking cocaine, did, in fact, work as a correctional officer for 18 months.”

This utter foolishness has to STOP! This fool would rather deny that he had a REAL J-O-B and claim he sold dope. Great example, William Leonard Roberts lets continue to perpetrate the fraudulent rap lifestyle to the detriment of our community. I mean seriously who would rather claim to have a legit job earning a decent living on the right side of the law when, they could claim to be a dope boy. Why Lie!


Which Should Come First?

Which comes first my womanhood or my blackness? This is a debate that I have had within myself since my sophomore year in college. A debate that I discuss often among my friends. Can you be a woman of color and differing ethnicity and separate these traits from your womanhood or must one take precedent above the other.

I remember reading the Invisible Man in college and often felt invisible myself and wondered who if anyone has so eloquently written the story of the invisible black woman.

Who do I belong to first? Who am I? Who needs me the most: the black community or women? I have come to the conclusion for me the two are inseparable. I am not one without the other; my womanhood is shaped by my race. I am unable to separate blackwoman into two words.

Are there any other race/ethnicity of women/men that go through this struggle or do I alone battle with reconciling these feelings?

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Please Welcome Mr. Man

I would like to introduce you all to my husband better known as Mr. Man. I am not aware of how often he will post or what the majority of his post will concern but without further ado please enjoy his first post.


Black Athletes and the Media

There is a big problem, currently with the media portraying black athletes as selfish, money grubbing, self-centered, and egotistical because they want to be paid for their services. Most athletes make decisions that are good for their families, just like every red blooded American. When you work hard and you feel that you are underpaid, then you would ask for a raise or find another job.

When the media see these young black athletes making millions and wanting more, they have a huge problem with this. They always bring up that “athletes should play for the love of the game”. This statement is absurd when it applies to pro athletes. When you played in youth athletic leagues you played for the love of the game, when you played in high school you played for the love of the game, even if you played sports on the college level you played for the love of the game; but as soon as it becomes a career, you will be playing for the money.

I cannot understand why it is hard for the media to accept this fact. If the athlete feels like he or she deserves a raise, then they have every right to ask for one. Why is it a problem only for the black athlete? Is it jealousy, is it subtle racism, or is it like we say in Texas, pure haterism? If the white athlete can ask for extra money without flack from the media, then I do not see a problem with black athletes asking for extra money either. Now, the stuff they do with this money is another story: making it rain , adopting white babies, and receiving a 2 million dollar signing bonus and purchasing a 1.8 million dollar car (folks I'm just saying)


Is it a pea, bean or legume?

Is it a pea, bean or legume? This is some pretty random ish, but these are the types of conversations we have at work on a regular. So I decided to do a little research and find some commonalities or difference between the two. Any who, I’m a country girl raised in the country, I really enjoy living in the city but I am anxious to return to a simpler life. I was raised on beans and cornbread so when ever I am feeling nostalgic I will cook a pot of either pinto or red beans, last night I decided to cook lentil soup so this was what started the latest debated of bean, pea or legume.

I have found out (not that anyone is interested in this crazy off the wall topic but us): Peas, Beans and Lentils all fall under the larger category of Legumes. Each subset lentils, peas, and beans contain their own distinct characteristics.

Regarding the common side effect of consuming bean products (Flatulence) during my internet perusal of the vegetable/fruit I came across the above linked wiki reference that states the use of vinegar aids in reducing the by product of oligosaccharides a sugar molecule. I always wondered why we would mix pickle juice with our beans now I know (did I mention I was from the country).

So the point of the story when in doubt just call it a legume.


Satire Be Damned

Courtesy of Jack and Jill Politics and LMAH

The New Yorker a liberal magazine has decided to grace their cover with what we can only hope will be the future President and First Lady of the United States, to discuss the politics of fear. So what better way to demonstrate the politics of fear than to make rude and crude caricatures of every negative stereotype circling the Obamas.

So let’s lists all of the negative stereotypes:
Michelle Obama
1. Michelle with oversized lips
2. Michelle with Afro hair last time I looked she was silky fine. I am not hating on natural hair I wear my hair naturally
3. Michelle pictured as a black militant
4. Michelle with an attitude

Barack Obama
1. Let’s begin with the obvious he is wearing traditional Muslim garb
2. He is wearing sandals
3. A picture of Osama Bin Laden over the fire place
4. The American flag burning

These images should not only be offensive to Black Americans but to all Americans. This image represents and reinforces every negative image and stereotypes regarding Black Americans, Muslim Americans and how Americans view people of color.


Race in America

"Underneath this apparent accommodation to our diversity, we are in fact hunkering down in communities of like-mindedness, and it affects our ability to manage difference," Clinton

As Americans have we ever done anything other than associate with individuals of similar minds, economic status, or cultural communities? For many people, living in this country the only time for diversity interaction is during work hours. Black, White, Asian, etc. we separate ourselves from each other by at times self-imposed and genuine do not cross lines. Those very traits that make each cultural group unique simultaneously hinder some of our ability to cross cultural barriers and see other for what we all are: human beings.

Race plays an incredible part of the American past and present. The question that remains, is how will race play into the future of Americans. I believe that by first acknowledging that America has a race problem then tackling the issues of institutionalized racism, will direct the future of race and Americans.

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Mental Recession

John McCain’s boi Phil Gramm states that the American population has become a nation of whiners and the recession is (whispers) all in our heads. Other than being pissed every time I have to fork over 50-55 dollars to fill up (I drive a midsize sedan for FHS), oh and also mildly irritated that I have to pay 2dollars plus some change for a dozen eggs (they used to cost $0.98, a few months ago), I’m pretty cool with the recession being all in my head.

On the a serious tip Phil, since your pockets are laced tight with ERON cash maybe you are not the best person to tell the vast American public that ARE struggling with the rising cost of living that its all in our heads and that we should suck it up and get over it.


Men I Probably Should Not Be Attracted To

This post was inspired by fellow blogger Sidittyand our mutual love and desire to throw panties at the one and only Prince.

I don’t know what it is but it is definitely something about the way that he is wearing that blouse that says rrrrrrrr. No seriously, I have not figured out what it is that makes a 5’2” guy wearing butt less chaps attractive, call it aura, essence just distill IT down and Viola, you have whatever IT is that makes Prince attractive.

Malik Yoba, this is one nice looking man now if he can just keep a tube of Chap Stick in his pocket. Why are his lips always so ashy?

Eric La Salle, I guess you are wondering why he made the list because he is a decent looking guy. Well I don’t like close cut caesar La Salle but let your soul glo Jheir Curl wearing Eric La Salle, go figure.

Michael Jackson, and I mean Thriller Michael not I’m Bad Michael.

Lil Wayne, yes I get A LOT of flack about this one from friends. However, a guy with dreads will ALWAYS get a second look.


Freedom to Fascism

If this is true, Uncle Sam, in the words of Riley “Pay what you owe” (see video below).


The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

Rantings and Self-Reflections of a Dissatisfied Soul

Like I said I normally don't blog about work and for good reasons but I am making an exception this time. So it was Wednesday before the fourth (why so long to write this post, because I just got over it and can at least now see the humor in it).

Let me begin by first saying I like 98% of my co-workers I really really really do. Now the other 2 % can in the words of Ice-T eat a ------- (which might help their dispositions some), anyway moving along. Management is cool but hey they are management so they are going to do some stuff you are not going to agree with (but I do try to remind myself that they must have a reason).

So a STAT, comes in I fuggin hate that especially when I am trying to go to lunch, so I am waiting around and nothing is coming out so I go check to see what’s going on. The specimen is super viscous and will take some time to dry before I can do anything significant with it so I decided to go to lunch in the break room and I tell the setup person come holla at me when its dry.

I step into the break room and pour milk on my cereal literally, this is less than five minutes from me talking to the set up person then they come with oh its ready. Bull corn, hell I just saw the sample you don’t go from sloppy dripping wet to dry in 0 to 90 secs, yeah I’m pissed shit I’m eating shredded wheat that shit gets soggy fast (cereal for lunch? I have already bought my two-piece for a trip to Puerto Rico which we booked in Feb. before our little visitors arrived and I will be damned if I miss our vacation, hell I need a break).

So the moral of the story when you are getting pissed off because of some inconsequential mess like your cereal getting soggy it’s past time to roll.

Self reflection:

I have been extremely stressed lately I’ve increased my visits to the gym in hopes of working some of all the negative energy off and its not working. I feel a dead weight attached to my neck every morning as I head out to work. I have to reiterate my job is really not that bad overall I have a really sweet deal. I can take however long I want for break and lunch, time requested off is generally given (I have only been denied once in my five years). So, what then is my problem: dissatisfaction that has very little to do with work but with myself and my life choices.

In college I did not follow my dream and it is now haunting everything I do. Growing up poor and desperately not wanting to stay that way I sought a field in college (science) that I knew would pretty much guarantee me a job in some shape form or fashion. I had participated in advanced placement and honors classes since junior high so I knew I had an affinity to learn and regurgitate information within this discipline.

I love history in particular art history but I knew that there were not going to be many good jobs associated with the field and those that were are highly contested and coveted. So I choose the safe economical route and for the past year have continually felt a festering of raw emotion called disappointment in myself. My current job pays extremely we can go on vacation at least once or twice a year, and generally purchase whatever we wish (after saving up for the purchase) but “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the world, and lose his soul” Mark 8:36.

I feel lost I know I am not doing what I want or what I find enjoyment in and it has begun to color my outlook on a variety of subjects.

Lord knows I have never wanted any children of my own matter of fact my husband and I signed a premarital contract that even bars the discussion of having children before I turn 30 (which is approaching with lightening speed). Parents in my opinion place extremely high expectations upon their children without realizing that they are effectively stunting their children’s growth and self-development.

This career was not what I wanted, I am sure if I had decided to follow my own path my families love would have been no different however, I am sure I would have encountered a couple of raised eyebrows and side comments about what a waste.

I spent Independence Day applying for jobs to release me from my self-imposed shackles. I applied for a job at the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art), I doubt I hear from them, but I can say I am taking a step in the direction I want to go.


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