Is it a pea, bean or legume?

Is it a pea, bean or legume? This is some pretty random ish, but these are the types of conversations we have at work on a regular. So I decided to do a little research and find some commonalities or difference between the two. Any who, I’m a country girl raised in the country, I really enjoy living in the city but I am anxious to return to a simpler life. I was raised on beans and cornbread so when ever I am feeling nostalgic I will cook a pot of either pinto or red beans, last night I decided to cook lentil soup so this was what started the latest debated of bean, pea or legume.

I have found out (not that anyone is interested in this crazy off the wall topic but us): Peas, Beans and Lentils all fall under the larger category of Legumes. Each subset lentils, peas, and beans contain their own distinct characteristics.

Regarding the common side effect of consuming bean products (Flatulence) during my internet perusal of the vegetable/fruit I came across the above linked wiki reference that states the use of vinegar aids in reducing the by product of oligosaccharides a sugar molecule. I always wondered why we would mix pickle juice with our beans now I know (did I mention I was from the country).

So the point of the story when in doubt just call it a legume.


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How did I miss this post. So is it pronounced like it's spelled (leg-u-me). I found it quite interesting!

Thanks for the posting, it was just what I was loooking for.
Goood luck getting back to basics.

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