Black Athletes and the Media

There is a big problem, currently with the media portraying black athletes as selfish, money grubbing, self-centered, and egotistical because they want to be paid for their services. Most athletes make decisions that are good for their families, just like every red blooded American. When you work hard and you feel that you are underpaid, then you would ask for a raise or find another job.

When the media see these young black athletes making millions and wanting more, they have a huge problem with this. They always bring up that “athletes should play for the love of the game”. This statement is absurd when it applies to pro athletes. When you played in youth athletic leagues you played for the love of the game, when you played in high school you played for the love of the game, even if you played sports on the college level you played for the love of the game; but as soon as it becomes a career, you will be playing for the money.

I cannot understand why it is hard for the media to accept this fact. If the athlete feels like he or she deserves a raise, then they have every right to ask for one. Why is it a problem only for the black athlete? Is it jealousy, is it subtle racism, or is it like we say in Texas, pure haterism? If the white athlete can ask for extra money without flack from the media, then I do not see a problem with black athletes asking for extra money either. Now, the stuff they do with this money is another story: making it rain , adopting white babies, and receiving a 2 million dollar signing bonus and purchasing a 1.8 million dollar car (folks I'm just saying)


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Athletes get a bum rap because most people have no idea how much time it takes to be a pro athlete. A pro athlete might spend all night at the club, but he's spending all day at the gym and practicing.

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