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Tuesday New Release day!

Robin Thicke's new album Something Else is out and I will be picking it up. I liked the Evloution of Robin Thicke but there were quite a few tracks that I had to skip. I hear this album is better and if the single "Magic" is any indicator then the album might be a winner.

I will also pick up Jennifer Hudson’s new album titled Jennifer Hudson. You can listen to her album here. And if you didn’t already know that girl can sang!


Don't Forget Show Obama Your Support Day!


Tuesday September 30, 20008 everyone is asked to do two things



(If you can't register two voters talk to two people who may be on the fence/ or a McCain supporter and sway them to become a Obama Supporter).




Sarah Palin expected to go Full Retard on Thursday's Debate

The Sarah Palin/Katie Couric interview should leave no doubt in the minds of Americans that this woman a heart beat away from the presidency is incompetent and unfit to led. To her credit she has yet to go full retard keeping to "lukewarm retard" but have no doubt she will be in full retard mode on Thursday.

Transcript excerpts:

Couric : You’ve cited Alaska’s proximity to Russia as part of your foreign policy experience. What did you mean by that?

Sarah Palin :
That Alaska has a very narrow maritime border between a foreign country, Russia, and, on our other side, the land-boundary that we have with Canada. It’s funny that a comment like that was kinda made to … I don’t know, you know … reporters.

Couric : Well, explain to me why that enhances your foreign-policy credentials.

Palin :
Well, it certainly does, because our, our next-door neighbors are foreign countries, there in the state that I am the executive of. And there…

Couric : You don’t think the United States is within its rights to express its position to Israel? And if that means second-guessing or discussing an option?

Palin :
No, abso … we need to express our rights and our concerns and …

Couric: But you said never second guess them.

Palin :
We don’t have to second-guess what their efforts would be if they believe … that it is in their country and their allies, including us, all of our best interests to fight against a regime, especially Iran, who would seek to wipe them off the face of the earth. It is obvious to me who the good guys are in this one and who the bad guys are. The bad guys are the ones who say Israel is a stinking corpse and should be wiped off the face of the earth. That’s not a good guy who is saying that. Now, one who would seek to protect the good guys in this, the leaders of Israel and her friends, her allies, including the United States, in my world, those are the good guys.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die


Bush: Bailout Address

I was for the bailouts until Bush opened his countrified mouth. In his address he squarely laid profound blame upon home owners for our nation’s current financial crisis. Bush all but absolved Wall Street for their culpability and shady practices that also played a significant role in damaging our financial infrastructure. Bush’s message carried a burdensome tone of fear that demanded immediate action or face an impending “Great Depression” once again. Mr. President for once since your unfortunate rise to POTUS Congress got it right and told you NO a blank check will not do. Congrats to the democrats for standing strong on this issue for fighting and demanding accountability, and instituting clauses that will not allow corporate execs to profit off of vulnerable tax-payers.


UUUGGGHHH! I sucked!

I participated in a practice run of Shawn Williams new Blog Talk Radio show last night, and I suuuucckkkkeed. There was a technical glitch in the beginning that impaired my ability to begin talking when first prompted and lasted for a few minutes. When I was actually able to get in I was flustered, talking a mile a minute, rushing and using fillers. Lawd! Thank goodness for Shawn ,who did a great job. Hopefully, Thursday will be better and I won’t get kicked out of my co-hosting duties on the second go around. Please check out Shawn’s blog Dallas South for upcoming information regarding this weeks upcoming show.


Swagga Like Us

Not much to post about today but, I LOVE this song!


Show Obama Your Support


Its time to REPRESENT!!!!!

Tuesday September 30, 20008 everyone is asked to do two things



(If you can't register two voters talk to two people who may be on the fence/ or a McCain supporter and sway them to become a Obama Supporter).




What is important to you?

As the election date draws closer both parties should focus on issues and leave trivial lipstick on the pig non-issues behind. I am curious as to what readers and potential voters are focusing on as their must haves in a candidate. Is shared religious views, shared hobbies, and extracurricular activities enough for you to base your vote? What are we as voters deciding to base our votes on this year?

The media is having a veritable field day with gaffes and fodder but, there is little to no accountability for substance. I have visited both candidates’ websites intensively and have chosen education, health care reform, and the protection and reverence for our senior community as paramount issues that must be addressed to my satisfaction in order to receive my vote. I am concerned for those individuals that are only receiving their information form media sources and push polls.

So as a voter what issues are you using to determine which candidate receives your vote? Let me reiterate this is not a post as to why you are NOT voting for someone but a post regarding why a candidate is receiving you vote. What issues are most important to you and how does your candidate measure up. Please be truthful and factual your answers may sway someone who is still undecided in ’08.


A $64 million Shortfall?

A $64 million shortfall places many DISD teachers in precarious positions as they wait to see if their jobs will be cut. I wonder how much longer are the board of trustees going to allow Superintendent Hinojosa to keep screwing with their bottom line. First was the credit card scandal that caused the district approximately $6million. Now two years later DISD’s mismanagement of funds has the district in the post light once again. I’m guessing that Superintendent Hinojosa may not be so easily forgiven for this $64million mistake.

I am inclined to agree with board of trustee Ron Price:

“Our children and our teachers should not have to suffer for the mismanagement and the incompetence of our administration


Mrs. Palin does SNL!

Brilliant! I was wondering if anyone else caught Mrs. Palin's beauty contestant wave that she does constantly. Tina Fey did her thang Saturday.


Happy Birthday Staff Sergeant Hunt!

My baby brother is celebrating his 26th birthday this day in Iraq, for the third time. God keep you and your wife, safe in body, mind and soul. Love You!


What will November 4th tell us?

This election is beginning to remind me of the time I ran for my high school senior class secretary position (which I won, yeah me). That election was solely based on how many people knew your name, what they know about you, and what others said about you. Basically, it was a popularity contest. Politics can be regulated to being a popularity contest (except for in the case of Al Gore).

This election is going to be determined by how much do I identify with the candidate for a vast amount of America versus which candidate truly has the progressive view for our country. Never more strongly have I believed in a candidate as I do Barack Obama his plan and vision for this country will propel us back as a dominated world leader with restored morality in the eyes of our counterparts.

Obama’s election will change the last 8 years of our misplaced trust in a President that everything but our best interest at heart. Obama’s election will change the last 8 years of our doubt in government and bring accountability to the White House and transparency. There will be no more big brother is watching as under the Bush administration there will be no more violation of civil liberties, no more stretching the dollar. There will be change you can believe in.

What American, would not want affordable health care for all, better public schools, adequate mental health coverage, immigration reform (that will work for all), and a stable economy? I guess we will find out on Nov. 4th

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When all else fails....

It is widely known that Democrats are not as good at twisting and perverting the truth as Rethugicans however, John McCain and crew sunk to a new level. Honestly, when you can not compete on the issues you have nothing else to fall back on but negativity. I hope that the American people are better than hate and fear ads. I hope that the American people are ready for a leader that is willing to stick to the issues and leave the Karl Rove game to those that have NO substance.

Courtesy of The Huffington Post

"It is shameful and downright perverse for the McCain campaign to use a bill that was written to protect young children from sexual predators as a recycled and discredited political attack against a father of two young girls.... John McCain told Time magazine he couldn't define what honor was. Now we know why," said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton."


The Facts about Mrs. Palin

Courtesy of The Huffington Post

"THE FACTS: As mayor of Wasilla, Palin hired a lobbyist and traveled to Washington annually to support earmarks for the town totaling $27 million. In her two years as governor, Alaska has requested nearly $750 million in special federal spending, by far the largest per-capita request in the nation. While Palin notes she rejected plans to build a $398 million bridge from Ketchikan to an island with 50 residents and an airport, that opposition came only after the plan was ridiculed nationally as a "bridge to nowhere."

THE FACTS: Compared to McCain and his two decades in the Senate, Obama does have a more meager record. But he has worked with Republicans to pass legislation that expanded efforts to intercept illegal shipments of weapons of mass destruction and to help destroy conventional weapons stockpiles. The legislation became law last year. To demean that accomplishment would be to also demean the work of Republican Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana, a respected foreign policy voice in the Senate. In Illinois, he was the leader on two big, contentious measures in Illinois: studying racial profiling by police and requiring recordings of interrogations in potential death penalty cases. He also successfully co-sponsored major ethics reform legislation.

THE FACTS: The Tax Policy Center, a think tank run jointly by the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, concluded that Obama's plan would increase after-tax income for middle-income taxpayers by about 5 percent by 2012, or nearly $2,200 annually. McCain's plan, which cuts taxes across all income levels, would raise after tax-income for middle-income taxpayers by 3 percent, the center concluded.Obama would provide $80 billion in tax breaks, mainly for poor workers and the elderly, including tripling the Earned Income Tax Credit for minimum-wage workers and higher credits for larger families.

He also would raise income taxes, capital gains and dividend taxes on the wealthiest. He would raise payroll taxes on taxpayers with incomes above $250,000, and he would raise corporate taxes. Small businesses that make more than $250,000 a year would see taxes rise.

THE FACTS: While governors are in charge of their state guard units, that authority ends whenever those units are called to actual military service. When guard units are deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, for example, they assume those duties under "federal status," which means they report to the Defense Department, not their governors. Alaska's national guard units have a total of about 4,200 personnel, among the smallest of state guard organizations."

More to come as the circus side show called the Republican Party continues.


Knee-grow Please

"As you know, I do have my own jet, but I've been having to fly back and forth to L.A. pursuing my acting career. Now, if I'm flying back and forth twice a month, that's like 200,000 dollars, 250,00 dollars round trip. F--- that. I'm back on American Airlines," the star added.

"Give a shout out to all my Saudi Arabia brothers and sisters and all the brothers and sisters in all the countries that have oil - if you could please send me some oil for my jet, I would truly appreciate it," - Diddy


Politricks as Usual, eh?

Not a Pitbull but you get the picture

Palin, delivered a well rehearsed personal character assassination against Obama which, I expected, she is a conservative republican, after all. I did learn a lot about her, I, I, I, I was the recurring noun for the night. For a hot second I almost forgot that she was only the Vice pick. Seriously, will all of her executive experience (for a population of 675,000 that’s less than south oak cliff, Tom Leppert is better qualified) why is she not at the top of the ticket. Does her executive experience not apply to John McCain who has none as well, or does he get a pass because of his POW status. I was also disappointed by the crowds chant of “Drill baby Drill” as a resolution for energy dependence.

There were absolutely no talking points about the Republican direction for the country. I did not hear her mention or define her role as a potential Vice President. Overall the Pit Bull with lipstick delivered politricks as usual. I have no doubt that her speech was effective for the home base but not those republicans that have become aware that our country can not continue in the failed direction of the last 8 years. Those were the people she was brought on board to reach and I think she failed in that capacity last night. I will be looking forward to the debates now as the conventions draw to an end. There was one thing the Republicans mothers obviously forgot to teach them at that was “Don’t poke at a hornets nest”. Another phrase my husband is fond of using and aptly applies here is if you put yourself in a man’s place then don’t cry foul when you are treated like a man.

On a side note I was happy to see that the Republican Party is becoming more inclusive I counted 5 Negroes and a Mexican, WOW!

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Paternity (or is that Maternity) Test Tuesday Part II

Where is the National Enquirer? They busted the John Edwards case wide open I want them investigating this convoluted mess in Alaska and the Palin crew.

Addition From the Left Commentator Winnie H.

Winnie H.

The person who dragged this young girl into a political firestorm is none other than her own mother.

This whole thing smells to high heaven, but even if you can believe the story as the Palins claim it, my question is this –

Why, in response to the internet rumors, would Ms. Palin “out” her daughter’s pregnancy to deflect attention? Why couldn’t Palin just prove that the infant is hers by trotting out the doctor who delivered the baby to vouch for her? Why not just release a copy of the birth records? Why not submit to a DNA test — anything, ANYTHING….. to protect her teenage daughter who is facing a very difficult time.

But no, she decides to cover herself by publicly revealing her unmarried, teenage daughter’s pregnancy instead — even though she kept her own alleged pregnancy a secret until she was 7 months along. It would have been very easy to keep the daughter’s pregnancy under wraps for the next two months by claiming “child of a candidate” privacy and removing her from the public eye. There were countless ways to squelch the internet rumors without involving the 17 year old child.

And one more point — if the daughter and the boyfriend have been planning all along to keep the baby and get married, then why weren’t they married as soon as she learned she was pregnant? Seems to me that’s the way most politically savvy fundies would have handled it — just have the kids get married as soon as the pregnancy test comes back positive. Then, at the VP selection event, they introduce the daughter and her husband and explain they are young and in love and having a baby.

This whole thing is so bizarre and who knows what the real truth is, but one thing is clear. Sarah Palin is a very selfish mother, and her children are to be pitied. Palin is not a bad mother because her teenage daughter got pregnant — she’s a bad mother because she didn’t do everything in her power to protect her own daughter. Instead, she threw her to the wolves in the media.

I have nothing but complete and utter disdain for this woman.


State Fair Time!

It is almost State Fair of Texas time! I am not a native Dallasite so I still get excited when the State Fair rolls around. I am one of those people that will walk around with a gigantic turkey leg in one hand and a Fletcher’s corn dog in the other. I like to try the new fried food as well and this year’s contestants did not disappoint. Foods that I am looking forward to trying this year are:

Fried Banana Split
Creator: Shirley Weiss

What is it? Banana and honey peanut butter rolled in balls, battered and deep-fried. Topped with powdered sugar, caramel and chocolate syrups, chopped peanuts, whipped cream, banana split-flavored ice cream bites, and a cherry.

Fire & Ice
Creator: Abel Gonzales

What is it? A pineapple ring battered and deep-fried, topped with banana-flavored whipped cream that's been frozen in liquid nitrogen. The smoking concoction is covered in strawberries and syrup.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Waffle Balls
Creator: Mark Zable

What is it? Fresh strawberries covered in a thick chocolate shell, dipped in a waffle batter and deep-fried. Dusted with powdered sugar and served on a stick.

Food that I will not try this year:

Chicken Fried Bacon
Creator: Glen Kusak

What is it? Thick and peppery bacon seasoned, double-dipped in a batter and breading and deep-fried. Served with a side of ranch or honey mustard sauce.

Texas Fried Jelly Bellies
Creator: Justin Martinez

What is it? Jelly Bellies rolled in funnel cake batter and fried. Try to guess the Jelly Belly flavors as you bite into this treat.

Deep Fried S'mores
Creator: Tami Stiffler

What is it? Marshmallow cream and chocolate chips sandwiched between two graham crackers, dipped in batter, fried and dusted in powdered sugar.

Fried Chocolate Truffles
Creator: Nick Bert Jr.

What is it? A handmade dark chocolate truffle rolled in cocoa powder, battered and deep-fried. The truffle is then dusted in cinnamon, sugar and more cocoa powder.


Talk about Double Standards

So Governor Palin’s 17 year old daughter is Preggers. Whaaaaaattttttt! I can just hear the double talk if one of Obama’s girls were 17 and pregnant. People feel free to write down some of the nasty things that would be said of Obama's children if the positions were reversed. Governor Palin’s daughter will never be vilified in the media as a sex-crazed, rebellious adolescent nor will Sarah Palin’s parenting skills come under fire. I wonder why…….


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