A $64 million Shortfall?

A $64 million shortfall places many DISD teachers in precarious positions as they wait to see if their jobs will be cut. I wonder how much longer are the board of trustees going to allow Superintendent Hinojosa to keep screwing with their bottom line. First was the credit card scandal that caused the district approximately $6million. Now two years later DISD’s mismanagement of funds has the district in the post light once again. I’m guessing that Superintendent Hinojosa may not be so easily forgiven for this $64million mistake.

I am inclined to agree with board of trustee Ron Price:

“Our children and our teachers should not have to suffer for the mismanagement and the incompetence of our administration


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I agree..not to get all HOLY on you but what is it with people and these scandals...is the six figure salary not enough? Is it an inward bent towards sin to do wrong? what's going on with people these days...


Go b.

Go, greed is a powerful motivator for many people. The next level is never enough for some. In the case of superintendent Hinojosa I think it is incompetence. I think he is truly unable to handle a district the size of Dallas.

I think it is more likely that they are simply incompetent.

Incompetent people assume that they are competent, and that other people are "competent" in the same way. Since they couldn't catch themselves, they assume that no one else can catch them either.

Most people who do stupid, obvious things think they are clever and sneaky.

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