Talk about Double Standards

So Governor Palin’s 17 year old daughter is Preggers. Whaaaaaattttttt! I can just hear the double talk if one of Obama’s girls were 17 and pregnant. People feel free to write down some of the nasty things that would be said of Obama's children if the positions were reversed. Governor Palin’s daughter will never be vilified in the media as a sex-crazed, rebellious adolescent nor will Sarah Palin’s parenting skills come under fire. I wonder why…….


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If Obama had a pregnant 17 year old daughter it would racist to mention it. And a distraction.

Phelps how would it be racist to mention it?

This is also a distraction for the McCain camp. There is no way in hell I am convinced that he knew about all of this baggage before he made that call to Mrs. Palin. Palin may need to really think about the best interest of her family. She has a new infant that has special needs and now a daughter that is underage and unwed about to embark on one of the hardest decisions of her life. It is clear to me that Mrs. Palin is needed more at home.

All of those extreme right types have secret baggage, it's inherent, when you subscribe to a holier than thou politics.

I feel sorry for the girl, to have a mistake in life politicized in fron of America.

@Talulazoapple I do actually feel sorry for Bristol she will be unnecessary scrutinized because her mother is seeking glory. The best thing they can do with a slogan ofcountry first is to reconsider her as the veep choice.

You seriously think that if Obama had a pregnant teenage daughter that we would be seeing this sort of "tsk tsk"ing rather than half hour tear jerkers about how courageous the daughter is for deciding to marry the father (or not) and keep the baby?

No the question is: are you serious? Obama’s daughter would be the poster child for the new welfare queen, and her parents would be the next miniseries What not to do While Running for the White House. Mrs. Palin should not compound her daughter’s trouble by insisting that the kids get married, that ish never works.

"Insisting" that the woman get married? Where did that come from? There seems to be a looooooot of projection going on here.

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