UUUGGGHHH! I sucked!

I participated in a practice run of Shawn Williams new Blog Talk Radio show last night, and I suuuucckkkkeed. There was a technical glitch in the beginning that impaired my ability to begin talking when first prompted and lasted for a few minutes. When I was actually able to get in I was flustered, talking a mile a minute, rushing and using fillers. Lawd! Thank goodness for Shawn ,who did a great job. Hopefully, Thursday will be better and I won’t get kicked out of my co-hosting duties on the second go around. Please check out Shawn’s blog Dallas South for upcoming information regarding this weeks upcoming show.


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LOL! You sounded great, just a few kinks that we have to work out. We are always our own toughest critics. See you Thursday.

Wait until you get some comments and weigh them more heavily than your own opinion. Most people don't like the sound of their own voice on a recording because it is jarring (they are used to hearing it through their jaw and skull, not the air) and everyone gets the "I shoulda said" thing. Let some other people listen and give you notes.

(I help people make presentations all the time, and those presentations are for keeps. On this, I know what I am talking about.)

I'll have to check you out..hun!

Jazzy, I listened to our pilot and let's just say I have a lot to work on, but thus far I'm not canceling myself.

I think we will have the volume thing worked out for tonight. It was more a product of me being too low than you being to high, so hopefully you'll keep your end the same.

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