Tell the Truth People!

A couple of times a year I partake in self-torture a few months back I decided to step it up to full scale self-mutilation. When I went to the initial consultation I was told that the pain level would be similar to having a tattoo. My tattoo experiences have all been pleasant no complaints and in some pain there can be pleasure (I’m just sayin). Anywho, I went today for my test “patch” in electrolysis hair removal and I was lied to. Them bitches lied. Lied, I say, I have never had a tattoo that could even rival the amount of pain I have suffered. I have an ice pouch resting on my good good. I have no idea how I will make it through a full treatment let alone the complete course. I keep telling myself relax relate release that it’s not that bad. Hell, I need to replace my ice pack.


Blacksummer's night

I just finished listening to Maxwell’s BLACKsummer’s night… I think I’m pregnant. Oh Lawd! Yes, he is back. I think a very high percentage of black women in America are half in love and in full lust for Maxwell. The first joint Bad Habits is classic vintage Maxwell a great way to open the CD. Of course Pretty Wings was a great way to whet the appetite for months as we eagerly awaited the release of Maxwell after an 8 year hiatus. The track Help Somebody had a smooth blues feel. Love You: I was not expecting the quick tempo with a song title as Love You but the lyrics worked helped along with Maxwell’s sensual sound. Not a single song needs to be skipped in fact the CD ended much too soon. I am anxiously awaiting part II of the forth coming trilogy. Welcome back Maxwell.

BTW, afro or no Maxwell can “GET IT”, whenever, wherever, whatever (for the Maxwell STANS).


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