I Hate the Brazilians!

I hate the Brazilians! I truly do especially around vacation time, Valentines Day, anniversaries and birthdays. Every time I go Yanai says “it will get easier” bullshit, I don’t know what kinda stuff the other ladies are working with but if it is getting easier then they are obviously used to have their lady parts brutalized. I on the other hand will never get used to this ancient (probably originally Chinese) torture method.

I must also admit should anyone want a Brazilian wax for the first time I would suggest visiting a “real” salon that employs specialized aestheticians that only perform waxes and don’t venture from waxing to doing someone’s pedicure (ya’ll know what I’m talking about). The Red Door in Dallas is my spot of choice and it is well worth the price because it’s about the experience and the ambience from the moment you walk in until they strap, I mean, you lay down on the gurney, I mean, waxing table.

As Yanai waxes on and waxes off you would think she is really cutting through a forest just when I think I can’t take it anymore she’s done, but not really. Now comes the fun part TWEEZERS (another ancient original Chinese weapon of torture), Yanai meticiously plucks any left over hairs so that her creation is an utter masterpiece. Now that I’m 70 bucks lighter plus tip I gingerly walk back out to my car and curse myself and the Brazilians again and again, and for what I know I will be making a trip back in October.


Reader Comments

I've always preferred a well trimmed lawn to bare dirt. I know that is a minority opinion nowdays, but I'm just sayin'.

...I agree with phelps... I'll take a landing strip for $300 Alex!...LOL

Go B

@Phelps bare dirt, LMAO

@Go Hell a landing strip you are more than half way there at that point. Anyway I tried again this weekend to find that wine you recommended, I think I will try to order online.

When I started on this particular form of sadistic torture my technician recommended I return every month because it would make it easier. I followed her advice up until I moved. I went through some lean times and tried to do it quarterly and you know what? She was right. It IS easier if you go every month. I don't know why, perhaps not as much to rip off?

Landing strips I find tend to be preferred, but bare dirt works well as well.

In terms of the red door, my last visit, at Willowbend was lacking. I had a spa package in which every five seconds I was being sold something. I couldn't enjoy the day. The first time was great, but the last time, I was dying.

@AC thanks for visiting, the thing is after a month I have yet to forget how much that ish hurts

@ Siditty it's always good to have you stop by, also I tried the Red Door at willow bend and they are not as good as the one located on Northwest Hwy.

Uh, stupid question from someone who has never done the BW. Do you get ingrown hairs? Is it really THAT painful? Geez, I have always been curious but fearful all at the same time.

@Taula no I have never had an ingrown hair because of a BW. As far as the pain goes its probably more mental than anything I still think it stings to get my eyebrowns done and I have been doing that for years now. Thanks for stopping by

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