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Rickey Smiley I think we have prime candidates in John Edwards and Andrew Young for your Paternity Test Tuesday show. I like Edwards I would have loved to have seen him as the VP with Obama, but I have a real problem with white men making a mistake and getting off with he’s human title and when the converse happens with a man of color he is portrayed as depraved and unforgivable( Jessie Jackson ). Not to mention that the white women involved are always victims and never instigators or co-conspirators in these clandestine affairs.

I encourage you to visit Aunt Jeminma’s Revenge post regarding the double standard between white women and black women who are unmarried and foster children out of wedlock.

On a side note I wish I had friends like Andrew Young who would take the fall for my dirt, alas because I don’t that’s what keeps me from going all Jet Li on people.


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Toe-tappin just doesn't seem like much of a scandal to me compared to campaign managers making secret payoffs to old flings while the "boss" is running for highest office in the land. And as far as Jesse goes, I'm happy with just dropping the "Rev" part.

Maybe it's just me.

I'm a fan of John Edwards as well. But Mitt Romney was my man!

Go B.

@Phelps the sky must be falling, I actually agree with you.

@Go Romney would have been a better choice for the Republican party people were just unable to see past his Mormon religion and that is unfortunate

I think Romney's problem was being too slick, not his religion. I think a lot of GWB's appeal was what grated on a lot of Dem voters -- the he wasn't slick. You think that he couldn't figure out how to pronounce nuclear? He didn't want to pronounce it correctly because it didn't fit the image.

Republican voters just don't trust someone who seems to have everything together. We keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. (Just like with Edwards.)

So Phelps you would then agree that the vast amount of Republicans are dumb and vote on image rather than the potential of an individual to be greater than the sum of its parts. I dunno but I would rather have someone at least on my level or greater running the country I live in. On a side note I do believe Bush is a dimwit why in the hell would you play a dumb blonde role continuously for 8 years even the most astute of actors don’t want to be typecast , so no it was not an act but the real deal.

DNA paternity test can clarify many things. It can remove all the doubts and make a lot easier an attorney's work, in what his or her client is concerned.

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