Where were you on August 27, 2008?

I have diligently watched the coverage of the Democratic National Convention. I was moved deeply by Michelle Obama’s speech, touched by the authenticity of Hillary Clinton, but nothing compares to how I felt when Barack Obama was officially nominated by acclamation, as the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

I am unashamed to admit that I not only cried but wept with abandoned. I wept deeply for my grandfather for this is a day that he thought would never come. Mr. Flax has long been departed from this earthly world, but I believe he knows that the America he grew up in is not the same America. We as a nation have progressed and under the leadership of a President Obama we together will continue a course of progression.

I feel humble, I feel optimistic, and I also feel confident that America is ready for a change ready to move past the debacle of the last eight years to a bigger brighter future. No matter your viewpoint on his policies or your thoughts regarding him personally, history was made this day. August 27, 2008 is a day that will forever remain etched in my mind.


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I'd like to say alot of us have come along way and have accepted the recent changes but as a Country we have failed to accept reality that things are not the same.

I love your blog and I respect your political thoughts. I love your blog because you have valid reasons on topics you stand behind. Not that validation is necessary because this is a free country as we like to say.

But nevertheless you rock. I'm sure Grandpa is so proud that you never lost hope in his dream or yours!

Go B.

Go without a doubt our country STILL has much work left ahead, but as I remember the stories my grandfather told me of his childhood I am every so grateful that I don't live in time of hate like he did.
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