Gold Digger?

I ain’t saying he’s a gold digger but he ain’t messing with no bbbroke bbbroke ....


The Last Dragon

Ok I don't know if ya'll remember this movie or not but I am waiting for Obama &co. to get all Bruce Leroy on McCain's ass.


Human Trafficking

I was unable to sleep last night which is unusual for me. I am the type of person that generally never has a problem going to sleep. Anyway I found myself still awake at 11pm so I began channel surfacing in order to induce a state of severe boredom that would enable me to catch some zzzzz. I landed on MSNBC which was showing an expose on Sex Slaves in America. I have to say I was shocked I don’t know why I knew this kind of thing existed especially living in Texas and being raised a couple of hours ride from the border.

I found myself watching the whole hour show and tearing up over the desperation and hopelessness these women found themselves in. The expose focused mainly on Houston and San Francisco many of these women were kept under constant surveillance and threatened, beat and raped repeatedly. This is a modern day slavery and bondage that affects women and children disproportionately due to a number of reasons.

(The video below is not the same one that I viewed the previous night but it represents the horrors and desperation that cloak human trafficking.)

Violence is perpetrated overwhelmingly against women many of which have been marginalized in society in large numbers, especially women in developing countries. For example, in South African they boast the highest incidence of femicide, where a woman dies every 12 hours, this is 6 times higher than in the United States or Canada (Wasserman, 2006). The effects of a patriarchal society where sentiments of male superiority and women inferiority operates as a prime catalyst for the continued acceptance of violence against women.

The act of violence is a major public health concern and a threat to social and economic development worldwide (Ellsberg, 2006). Violence, intimidation and superiority complexes have laid the ground work for the global atrocity named human trafficking.

"Traffickers often target children and young women. They routinely trick victims with promises of employment, educational opportunities, marriage, and a better life. (U.S. Department of State. 2004. Trafficking in Persons Report. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of State.)"

If you would like to become involved or learn more about human trafficking please log onto these websites:

or call Human Trafficking Referral hotline from The Department of Health and Human Services: 1-888-373-7888

If anyone would like the full citation to the above articles contact me and I will provide them for you.


Ralph Nader accuses Barack of Pandering to White Guilt.

As if there is such a thing! Besides the fact that I generally view Nader as a spoiler he presents stances on some issues that are dead on with my own. However, Nader it is past time for you to cease and desist

"Whether that will make any difference, I don't know. I haven't heard him have a strong crackdown on economic exploitation in the ghettos. Payday loans, predatory lending, asbestos, lead. What's keeping him from doing that? Is it because he wants to talk white? He doesn't want to appear like Jesse Jackson?"

What, are the other two candidates sufficiently addressing the problems of the ghetto? Or should Obama take special interest above them because he is half African- American? Whatever! There has never been an overwhelming regard for the ghettos, barrios, or hick towns of America. Why because that’s not where the candidates receive their votes. Nader it is not were YOU will receive your votes. So shut it!

Talk white, eh? So all this verbiage about talking white as just a myth perpetuated by the black community has now spread and been bought by white America. When did speaking proper English become solely designated to the use of white people alone? These are the type of statements whether used by Black people or White people that reek of bigoted, prehistoric ideas that continue to plague the consciousness of American minds.

As far as White Guilt goes, I do not hold White people I encounter responsible for slavery. I hold people accountable for what they do now!


Why I hate BET

Black Entertainment Television better known as BETwas created by Bob Johnson. I don’t want to get anything twisted BET was never a paragon of intellectual stimulation however, I don’t remember its past inundated with misogynist videos, rampant foolishness, and overall stupidity. BET is no longer and probably in truth never was a channel for middle black America. The amount of irresponsible garbage that BETuses to pander to the urban youth and curious non-blacks is demeaning and disgraceful.

Reasons Why I hate BET

BET Nightly news no longer part of the line up

Donnie Simpson is no longer a VJ (yeah I know I went back for that one, but he was fine)

Because they broadcast shows like the following:

Lil Kim: Countdown to lock down (Your behind deserved to go to jail; it is time out for the no snitch policy)

Side note don’t do anything around me that you don’t want known because if the cops stop by I’m snitching on EVERYONE! Just keeping it 100.

Spring Bling

Uncut (I don’t think this is broadcast anymore, Thank God)

Blackbuster Movies (The name alone irritates me)

If you have any other reasons please feel free to add them to the list.


Pregnancy Pact? WTH!

Gloucester, Massachusetts has seen a dramatic increase in teen pregnancy. Seventeen girls apparently made a pack to become pregnant many of them under the age of 16. Ok so I really could care less, until I read the following statement in the above linked article:

"At the very least these men should be held responsible for financial support, if not put in jail for statutory rape as the mayor has suggested," Greg Verga, chairman of the Gloucester School Committee, told Reuters in a telephone interview.”

The men responsible should not be held accountable for statutory rape charges but only financially responsible are they serious! All I have to say is Genarlow Wilson. Here was a young man that engaged in consensual sex with a 15 year old and was given a 10 year prison sentence and a child molester tag. Some of the men in the pregnancy pact are as old as 24 HELL YES their asses should receive the same treatment that a promising student like Wilson received.

Update 6/23/2008 Apparently the pregnancy pact may prove false (still trying to find a story to substantiate this claim; if anyone finds it please send me the link). I suppose there is a bright side to this story being false. Such as, the girls did not jointly take part in group ignorance.


Toll Roads

On my way into work this morning my blood began to boil. I live in The Colony work close to downtown Dallas so I have roughly anywhere from a 35 to 45 minute drive to reach work. I used to take the Dallas toll road faithfully to work just because at the time of morning I have to be a work there is no traffic and I can drive 80mph at will. So about 10 months ago we realized we were spending up to and over 200 a month in tolls alone (my husband has to take the Bush to reach his job). We live right off of 121 so I decided to take a little bit longer route which would only cost me $0.35 instead of the $6.25 a day I was spending. The 121 toll road is closer to being completed and I am seeing an ever increasing number of toll booths along my new route. Jeez between gas prices and tolls hell I am going to have to find another place of employment.

The only way to reach our home is via a toll road unless you want to take Farm roads. I feel horrible when friends come and visit us because they don’t have toll tags and must pay the extra fee to come out to our house. This is why we end up going to their homes more often than they come to ours. Ah well I love our home (will get some pics up for ya’ll) and would not want to live anywhere else. We will be celebrating our 2nd year in our home in October and I am so very glad every time we pay the mortgage that we purchased a fixed rate loan and not one of the ARM loans.


On the issue of Education Obama vs. McCain

McCain an advocate of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act also strongly favors a program similar to school vouchers.

“He believes all federal financial support must be predicated on providing parents the ability to move their children, and the dollars associated with them, from failing schools.”

This is particularly flawed IMO because simply where and how and who will move the students. For those individuals in lower socioeconomic areas how are they to move their children to more competitive schools, will bus systems be available or is this more of the Republican Get It How You Live strategy. McCain did not present any solutions with substance but provided a general statement like the one above.

Obama understands the visible problems of the NCLB and the underlying social problems within America that must be addressed to reach viable solutions for our educational system: The problems are outlined below and the solutions can be found at Barack Obama

No Child Left Behind Left the Money Behind

Students Left Behind

High Dropout Rate

Teacher Retention is a Problem

Soaring College Costs

Issue of Education = Round Obama


Parenthood is a ______________ !

Yeah I left it blank so you can feel in the blank however you choose. Last week I spent 40 hours of my hard earned PTO (which I absolutely hate to take unless I am going on vacation) to try and help acclimate my brother’s kidsto our home. On Saturday their mother called and told us her stay was extended beyond her original 9 months to 15 months. My husband and I both feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated.

All of you Bush supporters that continue your blind WORSHIP of his fool hardy leadership have absolutely NO idea or NO concept of what it truly means to support our troops. That saying is simply a slogan and a mantra you feel you must say, how many of you have even sent care packages or cards to the soldiers on a regular.

There are many military families that are in the same situation as we find ourselves. As we loaded up the kids and left from Ft. Hood last week we can into an elderly man with three kids of his own he told us he was a single grandparent that now had to care for his grandchildren alone. Thank you America I am sure this is a legacy that we can be proud of for generations to come, just like Vietnam.

Oh and now we also have my brother’s step daughter because her father is too much of a dick to step up.


Soul Survivor

Last night a new page in history was written. As the day progresses I am going to copy and paste comments that I am posting to various websites regarding AMERICA’S Democratic Presidential Nominee Mr. Barack Obama along with the accompanying websites so that you all may visit and read their wonderful tributes to this groundbreaking event.

Electronic Village

I remember his More Perfect Union Speech I was at work and streaming it live. By the conclusion of his speech I felt humbled, also sadden that America still requires a speech regarding the sepeartion amoung races/ethnicities and classes, yet invigorated and a teeny weenie bit hopeful that I am going to see a definitive change for our future. Congratulations Democratic Presidential Nominee Obama. It’s ride or die time, in the words of James Brown I would rather die on my feet than be living on my knees.

Undercover Black Man

Those that like to take their daily does of haterade will be out full throttle today. Stay vigilant people! Barack needs us now more than ever. Sign up on his website, phone banking is the easiest thing you can do, get out so that you can tell future generations you did not only witness history but also that you were apart of it.

Cali Tejano

Yeppers Cali you are right YES WE DID! Now we just have to watch our backs for dissenters and naysayers and push towards November and then the following coronation. Let the games begin, the Repuliklans are going to be out in full force, suit up its going to bumpy.


As a black woman I do feel that Michelle is going to have a hell of a lot harder time than Cindy McCain. I too am prepared for tears because what we are about to witness is America’s true reaction. If America wants to stick to the issues fine I will have no qualms with that, but I feel this is going to be a very personal attack on her person. I agree when Obama said lay off his wife I think he meant it, now I’m waiting to see him come out swinging when they begin attacking her.

Mirror on America

Can you believe and not fully want to invest you heart? That’s were I’m at mentally. Barack has my vote he’s had it since the primary here in Texas when I was out past midnight caucusing. I’m down and hoping that America gets it right this time around and that we don’t have a repeat of Bush/Gore.

Too Sense

Solidarity my friend. I would like to add my grandparents to your list S.D., and Liler Lucille, this nomination is for all of the stories they told me about their lives growing up in Jim Crow. This nomination is for all the hard work and day to day shit that Many Americans put up with, this nomination is about me!

Oh Hell Nawl

This is important for everyone, everyone that was told you are not good enough. This is important because this time, this year, with this country and those that propelled Obama to the Democratic nod understand that this is more than electing a man that self-identifies as African-American. This is about those of us that realize that America is ready for a fundamental change from the bellicose rule of the almost tyrannical and fanatical Bush Admin of the last eight years.

I am not naive enough to believe that all of what Obama hopes for will come to fruition but I do believe he can change and steer us from the course that only spotlights us a nation of chest pounders.


Measles, Switzerland and Illinois

I have been posting for a little over a month and I don’t think I have posted anything regarding my field of occupation. There are two main reasons for this one whenever I do talk to my husband about my job his eyes tend to glaze over and I get the occasional grunt that signifies he is following me (no matter, I feel the same way about his job I think it has something to do with finance, shows how much I pay attention). Anyway the other reason simply is I have become bored it’s nowhere as exciting as it was five years ago partly because when we do find something interesting the state gets to take all the friggin credit for it. I have you all know that salmonella outbreak a year ago we found evidence of it months before the state even announced its findings but were we mentioned noooooooo. Whatever.

So as I was browsing through my promed mail I found this case regarding measles nothing new and inteseting to most of us; the majority of us have been afflicted with or vaccinated aganist measles at some point in our lives. However, what I found interesting was the way these new 8 cases evolved. The initial case (or point of reference) was from a man visiting from Switzerland.

This is just another example of how global the world is becoming and how diseases like SARS and bird flu are no longer bound by trivial obstacles such as oceans. Global health is an increasing interest of mine which is why this case struck me as interesting; I think I will begin to make a concerted effort to contribute more post on global health issues and how they affect America.


Hip Hop Where did you GO?

I was born to the generation of hip hop, to that crazy generation when lyricist were like demi-gods, to a generation were hip hop was a salve. Where did you go? I’m not as into hip hop as I was growing up simply because he’s not the same. Unfortunately instead of honing his technique he as regressed and turned into a hurry up and get it type of guy, WTF why should I waste anymore of my time.

Yeah we all remember Rapper’s delight, it was crazy you wanted to be the first to memorize the rhyme so you could impress everyone on the playground but the first rap that ever just got me and squeezed was The Microphone Fiend by none other than one of the greatest Rakim. “After twelve I’m worst than a gremlin feed me hip hop and I start tremblin” the rap on this track is one of the sickest flows I have ever heard to this day.

The Microphone Fiend was one of the first songs I remember truly bobbing my head to, but “Know the Ledge” from Juice was when I really got it. Then came Tupac in the early 90’s there was nothing negative anyone could say to me about hip hop This was the Tupac I fell in love with. He’s my Elvis.

Where did you go in his place he’s left the radio waves inundated with lollipop, juice box, and buss it baby. Yeah there is Common, Lupe, The Roots, but where did hip hop go? I’m talking about the hip hop that you could not wait to hear and body rock and head bob too. Hell I’m actually feeling lonely and nostalgic simply because I can’t turn on terrestrial radio without having to hear some silliness. Ahh such is life I’m just listening to some of the greatest lyricist in an attempt to keep procrastinating so that I can continue to ignore my statistics homework.


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