Measles, Switzerland and Illinois

I have been posting for a little over a month and I don’t think I have posted anything regarding my field of occupation. There are two main reasons for this one whenever I do talk to my husband about my job his eyes tend to glaze over and I get the occasional grunt that signifies he is following me (no matter, I feel the same way about his job I think it has something to do with finance, shows how much I pay attention). Anyway the other reason simply is I have become bored it’s nowhere as exciting as it was five years ago partly because when we do find something interesting the state gets to take all the friggin credit for it. I have you all know that salmonella outbreak a year ago we found evidence of it months before the state even announced its findings but were we mentioned noooooooo. Whatever.

So as I was browsing through my promed mail I found this case regarding measles nothing new and inteseting to most of us; the majority of us have been afflicted with or vaccinated aganist measles at some point in our lives. However, what I found interesting was the way these new 8 cases evolved. The initial case (or point of reference) was from a man visiting from Switzerland.

This is just another example of how global the world is becoming and how diseases like SARS and bird flu are no longer bound by trivial obstacles such as oceans. Global health is an increasing interest of mine which is why this case struck me as interesting; I think I will begin to make a concerted effort to contribute more post on global health issues and how they affect America.


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