Why I hate BET

Black Entertainment Television better known as BETwas created by Bob Johnson. I don’t want to get anything twisted BET was never a paragon of intellectual stimulation however, I don’t remember its past inundated with misogynist videos, rampant foolishness, and overall stupidity. BET is no longer and probably in truth never was a channel for middle black America. The amount of irresponsible garbage that BETuses to pander to the urban youth and curious non-blacks is demeaning and disgraceful.

Reasons Why I hate BET

BET Nightly news no longer part of the line up

Donnie Simpson is no longer a VJ (yeah I know I went back for that one, but he was fine)

Because they broadcast shows like the following:

Lil Kim: Countdown to lock down (Your behind deserved to go to jail; it is time out for the no snitch policy)

Side note don’t do anything around me that you don’t want known because if the cops stop by I’m snitching on EVERYONE! Just keeping it 100.

Spring Bling

Uncut (I don’t think this is broadcast anymore, Thank God)

Blackbuster Movies (The name alone irritates me)

If you have any other reasons please feel free to add them to the list.


Reader Comments

My sister was watching spring bling sunday. What was sad was the fact that the female host of the show had on a string bikini and stillettos. The male host was wearing shirts, shorts, socks and tennis shoes. HE WAS FULLY CLOTHED!!!!

I don't know if you ever watch The Boondocks, but Aaron McGruder, who created the show, has a pretty low opinion of BET too - he's ripped the network on a number of occasions in the series, and he was also pretty hard on them in his comic strip when it was active. For my part, Bob Johnson proved himself when he was shilling for Hillary during the primaries and saying the nasty crap that he did about Obama.

Not sure why anyone is surprised. It's TV. TV always panders to the lowest level of brain activity. Easy associations. They don't want you to think.

Regardless of the channel, it's not real.

"Trouble vision for a sister
Because I know she don't know, I quote
Her brains retrained
By a 24 inch remote
Revolution a solution
For all our children
But all her children
Don't mean as much as the show, I mean
Watch her worship the screen, and fiend
For a TV ad
And it just makes me mad"


Any "original" show on there is a black version of something on MTV except American Gangster which actually isn't bad.

College Hill-Real World
106 & Park-TRL
Baldwin Hills-The Hills
Hell Date is quite reminiscent of Punk'd.
Access Granted-Making The Video
How I'm Livin-Cribs

When I was younger BET actually had some good programs. I enjoyed ComicView even tho it was stupid at times and is the black "Comedy Central Presents," Rap City was almost literally the only thing I watched after school, Top 25 was pretty cool whenever there was an interesting person hosting although it took forever to get through, and Teen Summit was probably the most worthwhile thing the network has ever aired, which explains why it was cancelled.

Fuck BET

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