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On my way into work this morning my blood began to boil. I live in The Colony work close to downtown Dallas so I have roughly anywhere from a 35 to 45 minute drive to reach work. I used to take the Dallas toll road faithfully to work just because at the time of morning I have to be a work there is no traffic and I can drive 80mph at will. So about 10 months ago we realized we were spending up to and over 200 a month in tolls alone (my husband has to take the Bush to reach his job). We live right off of 121 so I decided to take a little bit longer route which would only cost me $0.35 instead of the $6.25 a day I was spending. The 121 toll road is closer to being completed and I am seeing an ever increasing number of toll booths along my new route. Jeez between gas prices and tolls hell I am going to have to find another place of employment.

The only way to reach our home is via a toll road unless you want to take Farm roads. I feel horrible when friends come and visit us because they don’t have toll tags and must pay the extra fee to come out to our house. This is why we end up going to their homes more often than they come to ours. Ah well I love our home (will get some pics up for ya’ll) and would not want to live anywhere else. We will be celebrating our 2nd year in our home in October and I am so very glad every time we pay the mortgage that we purchased a fixed rate loan and not one of the ARM loans.


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@ Thank God we don't have toll booths...and God forbid they try to do something like that some Louisianians get straight s t u p i d! LOL..congratulations on your 2 year anniversary in your house!

Go if I thought behaving like a donkey would get my tolls reduced I would do it in a hot minute. And thank you very much

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