Soul Survivor

Last night a new page in history was written. As the day progresses I am going to copy and paste comments that I am posting to various websites regarding AMERICA’S Democratic Presidential Nominee Mr. Barack Obama along with the accompanying websites so that you all may visit and read their wonderful tributes to this groundbreaking event.

Electronic Village

I remember his More Perfect Union Speech I was at work and streaming it live. By the conclusion of his speech I felt humbled, also sadden that America still requires a speech regarding the sepeartion amoung races/ethnicities and classes, yet invigorated and a teeny weenie bit hopeful that I am going to see a definitive change for our future. Congratulations Democratic Presidential Nominee Obama. It’s ride or die time, in the words of James Brown I would rather die on my feet than be living on my knees.

Undercover Black Man

Those that like to take their daily does of haterade will be out full throttle today. Stay vigilant people! Barack needs us now more than ever. Sign up on his website, phone banking is the easiest thing you can do, get out so that you can tell future generations you did not only witness history but also that you were apart of it.

Cali Tejano

Yeppers Cali you are right YES WE DID! Now we just have to watch our backs for dissenters and naysayers and push towards November and then the following coronation. Let the games begin, the Repuliklans are going to be out in full force, suit up its going to bumpy.


As a black woman I do feel that Michelle is going to have a hell of a lot harder time than Cindy McCain. I too am prepared for tears because what we are about to witness is America’s true reaction. If America wants to stick to the issues fine I will have no qualms with that, but I feel this is going to be a very personal attack on her person. I agree when Obama said lay off his wife I think he meant it, now I’m waiting to see him come out swinging when they begin attacking her.

Mirror on America

Can you believe and not fully want to invest you heart? That’s were I’m at mentally. Barack has my vote he’s had it since the primary here in Texas when I was out past midnight caucusing. I’m down and hoping that America gets it right this time around and that we don’t have a repeat of Bush/Gore.

Too Sense

Solidarity my friend. I would like to add my grandparents to your list S.D., and Liler Lucille, this nomination is for all of the stories they told me about their lives growing up in Jim Crow. This nomination is for all the hard work and day to day shit that Many Americans put up with, this nomination is about me!

Oh Hell Nawl

This is important for everyone, everyone that was told you are not good enough. This is important because this time, this year, with this country and those that propelled Obama to the Democratic nod understand that this is more than electing a man that self-identifies as African-American. This is about those of us that realize that America is ready for a fundamental change from the bellicose rule of the almost tyrannical and fanatical Bush Admin of the last eight years.

I am not naive enough to believe that all of what Obama hopes for will come to fruition but I do believe he can change and steer us from the course that only spotlights us a nation of chest pounders.


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Outstanding post! This is my first time visiting your blog. I need to ensure that you are included on the next Black Blog Rankings...

Hey love...this is a great post. It will take me a minute to get around to all these blogs to read what they had to say...keep posting you're doing a fantastic job!

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