Hip Hop Where did you GO?

I was born to the generation of hip hop, to that crazy generation when lyricist were like demi-gods, to a generation were hip hop was a salve. Where did you go? I’m not as into hip hop as I was growing up simply because he’s not the same. Unfortunately instead of honing his technique he as regressed and turned into a hurry up and get it type of guy, WTF why should I waste anymore of my time.

Yeah we all remember Rapper’s delight, it was crazy you wanted to be the first to memorize the rhyme so you could impress everyone on the playground but the first rap that ever just got me and squeezed was The Microphone Fiend by none other than one of the greatest Rakim. “After twelve I’m worst than a gremlin feed me hip hop and I start tremblin” the rap on this track is one of the sickest flows I have ever heard to this day.

The Microphone Fiend was one of the first songs I remember truly bobbing my head to, but “Know the Ledge” from Juice was when I really got it. Then came Tupac in the early 90’s there was nothing negative anyone could say to me about hip hop This was the Tupac I fell in love with. He’s my Elvis.

Where did you go in his place he’s left the radio waves inundated with lollipop, juice box, and buss it baby. Yeah there is Common, Lupe, The Roots, but where did hip hop go? I’m talking about the hip hop that you could not wait to hear and body rock and head bob too. Hell I’m actually feeling lonely and nostalgic simply because I can’t turn on terrestrial radio without having to hear some silliness. Ahh such is life I’m just listening to some of the greatest lyricist in an attempt to keep procrastinating so that I can continue to ignore my statistics homework.


Reader Comments

You know hiphop has turned into a massive multi-million dollar business. Where everone has big wheel and bigger jewelry. The days of being lyrically intelligent seem to have went down. Since every song you hear now days is just the same crap said over and over again. What makes it worst is people buy it, its like the I.Q. of an entire generation drop.

Anon so true. However, Hip Hop is gone what's left is Rap and there is a huge difference. Thanks for the link.

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