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As if the American public that actually uses it brain needed a book detailing the deception, lies and the use of propaganda used by the Bush administration. I for one am not going to rush out and purchase this tell –all. Maybe McClellan’s book will enlighten the still ignorant and hopeless blind followers of the Bush administration of his every increasing trend toward fascism and the ever increasing importance of America above all other nationalities. And hopefully this will allow voters in November to know that a President elect in the form of John McCain (and the ridiculously wealthy elitist Cindy McCain) will ensure an increase towards belligerence and the continued culpability began by the Bush Administration.


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Thanks for the welcome Shawn. I am looking forward to Brooklyn's if you have not had the seafood lasgna,it is the absoulte best in the world.

*humph* I hadn't heard of this book. Sounds pretty darn ineteresting I tell ya.

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