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The disease and consequence of mental health never struck me as an issue of paramount concern. I always assumed that everyone had a crazy uncle Pete, right, or was that just my family. Mental illnesses are often diseases sheltered and closeted away from public view. Historical attitudes towards mental health have fluctuated greatly among different societies and cultures. Mental health is a disease felt strongly across economic boundaries, it affects the rich and the poor alike. However, mental health treatments, diagnoses, and care often differ between these groups.

Depression and other clinical mental disorders are rapidly affecting the lives of millions across the globe. Mental health threatens the core and foundations of every society, because it jeopardizes family stability and the ability of people to make sound cognitive judgments.


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The allopathic approach to depression and other mental illnesses is quite problematic. Many cultural and political geniuses are known to have suffered from psychological disturbances. Economic incentives and imperatives for social control, particularly in the school setting, are significant reasons for the push to treat mental illness.

Hey! Mental Health awareness in our community is so important. I think if we dealt with it, there'd be fewer of us in jail, strung out, unemployed.

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