Texting Privileges Revoked! Effective Immediately

Someone please take away his texting privileges!Ok when the story broke I was trying to keep my head above water in my new classes. So now that I have had time to review hisTexts all I can ASK is WHY?


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are they still in the news LOL

ditto lol

Yes! It's just plain embarrassing

They thought they were untouchable. It's a common feeling for people in government, and the smaller the position the more they act like it. Small town America is where it is the worst.

I've worked on some Employment Litigation stuff, and people put all sorts of crazy things in email, and even crazier things in text messages on phones and pagers. Apparently, they seem to think that these aren't stored anywhere. I can tell you that they never get deleted.

@Phelps note to self remember never to place anything incriminating in an email, lol. You are exactly correct people in positions of power rarely feel they are accountable for their actions

yeah they effed up in a major way.

it's a shame that just when detroit is making some improvements and getting new development and trying to uplift our city (he actually wasn't THAT bad a mayor)

this had to happen.


nice blog.

Hi everyone! {waves}

My regards to the blog owner! {knod}

You all are discussing the soap opera "As Detroit Turns" in here I see....

May I give my two cents?

Kindergarten Kwame does not need a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card and Detroit is not a Monopoly board! He committed the crime - and now he needs to do the time.

I am not saying every thing he did as mayor was unproductive but he has now brought shame to Detroit with his antics.

I do not excuse Christine Beatty for her role in any of this but HE IS the mayor. She is now out of a job, with two small children, an ex-husband who doesn't have to pay her alimony and she's headed to prison. Her only escape from prison is to start snitching on everything Kindergarten Kwame has done.

We'll see how all of this unfolds in the months that follow because Kym Worthy is NOT letting anyone off of the hook.

Remember, the murder of the stripper is still "unsolved"....

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

You're welcome to visit:

Thanks for weighing in Lisa. Kindergarten Kwame I like that lol.

Everything you stated is correct he has taken advantage of his role and leadership and wasted a great opportunity and precedent for future young Black males that would like to enter politics.

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