Pregnancy Pact? WTH!

Gloucester, Massachusetts has seen a dramatic increase in teen pregnancy. Seventeen girls apparently made a pack to become pregnant many of them under the age of 16. Ok so I really could care less, until I read the following statement in the above linked article:

"At the very least these men should be held responsible for financial support, if not put in jail for statutory rape as the mayor has suggested," Greg Verga, chairman of the Gloucester School Committee, told Reuters in a telephone interview.”

The men responsible should not be held accountable for statutory rape charges but only financially responsible are they serious! All I have to say is Genarlow Wilson. Here was a young man that engaged in consensual sex with a 15 year old and was given a 10 year prison sentence and a child molester tag. Some of the men in the pregnancy pact are as old as 24 HELL YES their asses should receive the same treatment that a promising student like Wilson received.

Update 6/23/2008 Apparently the pregnancy pact may prove false (still trying to find a story to substantiate this claim; if anyone finds it please send me the link). I suppose there is a bright side to this story being false. Such as, the girls did not jointly take part in group ignorance.


Reader Comments

The Genarlow Wilson case was one of the worst miscarriages of justice I've ever heard of. I think that Georgia is in its own plane of reality when it comes to anything involving sex - I seem to remember a while back reading about someone over there who got jail time for using a vibrator. And on herself!

Forgot to add: regarding the "pregnancy pact," that just blows my mind. When I was a teenager, we might make a pact to go to the convenience store and get some beer, but that's as far as our imaginations took us. Sounds like the teachers at this school need to spend a little more time teaching these kids about the consequences of having a baby at that age.

Tex, I could not agree more. The responsibility of another human life should be treated with more respect than a simply pact. I think schools must become more aggressive in sex education; including the actually act and consequences of said act.

Wow...Let's not forget it's also the parents responsibility to teach their children about sex. I have a friend that says anything that is wrong with a child is a result of poor parenting. Before I didn't believe this but now I'm starting to see where he is coming from. I know everyone has free will. But I also know that Papa Welch wasn't playing that with us so....

My parents believed in free will, but they had a different take on it: "Son, if you get too FREE with your mouth, you WILL get your ass whupped." This philosophy extended to other areas, which might be one of the reasons I never got a girl pregnant. But yeah, parents can make a huge difference.

LOL @ Go and Tex, the fear of the Lord and mama to this day has kept me from conceiving. Tex I still remember the last time my mom slapped me across the face she’s a little thing but damn I had a fat lip for days. Kids nowadays have no fear of repercussions and no sense of responsibility. For those sixteen girls they are about to be indoctrinated with fire.

omg why would a 16 year old girl become pregnact its not good they really cant go to school that much they dont have a education to do anything and there parents would be pissed at her daughter and her boyfriend if they want to have a baby its hard and they cant really go to parties either wait until school is finshed and wait until you get your job get marry and have kids not when your young

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