Parenthood is a ______________ !

Yeah I left it blank so you can feel in the blank however you choose. Last week I spent 40 hours of my hard earned PTO (which I absolutely hate to take unless I am going on vacation) to try and help acclimate my brother’s kidsto our home. On Saturday their mother called and told us her stay was extended beyond her original 9 months to 15 months. My husband and I both feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated.

All of you Bush supporters that continue your blind WORSHIP of his fool hardy leadership have absolutely NO idea or NO concept of what it truly means to support our troops. That saying is simply a slogan and a mantra you feel you must say, how many of you have even sent care packages or cards to the soldiers on a regular.

There are many military families that are in the same situation as we find ourselves. As we loaded up the kids and left from Ft. Hood last week we can into an elderly man with three kids of his own he told us he was a single grandparent that now had to care for his grandchildren alone. Thank you America I am sure this is a legacy that we can be proud of for generations to come, just like Vietnam.

Oh and now we also have my brother’s step daughter because her father is too much of a dick to step up.


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Humph! So whose coming back first the mother or the father? That's a shame. How are the kids adjusting? Or they old enough to understand what's going on?

My brother has a 15 month tour and we just received word this past Sunday that instead of the 9month tour she was orginally assigned her stay has been extended to 15 months as well. She is trying to appeal but yeah we all know how much the government loves their military. They pay them peanuts!

The sad thing about this if her appeal fails the baby will be almost two and will only know me and my husband as parents.

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