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Michelle Obama will give remarks tonight at the DNC and I can not wait to hear her speech. Mrs. Obama has an electrifying personality one people will instantly withdraw away from or gravitate towards. Many of her statements have been taken out of context and used in a way that paints her as unpatriotic or better yet ungrateful. I understood and still understand Michelle’s often ridiculed statement of being proud of her country for the first time in her adult life. As children we are taught in school from a very young age to love our country to repeat the pledge of allegiance to sing songs of patriotisms but it is the gradual progression into adulthood that begins to show many of us in Black America that our America is not the land of open opportunity or America shrouded in brotherhood from sea to shining sea.

America for me is a place were I often feel uncomfortable. Lately, more and more, it is odd my husband and I have noticed increased stares from white individuals as we are out an about in public. They are truly amazed that he opens my door for me, that he holds my hand or tucks my arm through the crook of his as we walk about. We truly believe that these looks are because the rest of America believes the rampant images of Black people portrayed on television. Michelle and Barack Obama are the reason I am proud to be American they represent my life not John and Cindy McCain. I will probably DVR Michelle’s’ speech so that I can replay it at will.


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White couples get those stares too. People are amazed that anyone is staying together now. You've just aged to the point that people think that you are "supposed" to be over infatuation by now. My parents get the exact same looks.

On the other hand, little black kids are smiling at me a lot more. I'm pretty sure that kids have always been kids, so I'm trying to figure out what has changed with me (although it could just be age for me as well.) White kids in my hood are still brats, though.

This is an awesome post, and I do think America believes BET is an autobiographical account of what it is like to be black in America, and it is really sad.

@ Phelps that is also an aspect that could be in play, but coupled with numerous negative images of black people I can’t help but believe the larger issue that people don’t believe our lives are similar to their own.

@Siditty thanks, I enjoy reading the stories regarding you and your husband as well.

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