"You Know That Was a Presidential Speech"

Ms. Mills you don't know Shit! Welcome folks to the realm of idiotcracy and pure unadulterated hateration. Ms. Mills you are the epitome of a bitter self-hating woman. After listening to Hillary speech your dumb ignorant ass could only think of YOURSELF. Your LEADER is calling for party unity and you have the gall to say you don’t know what you are going to do. Lawd have mercy save me from fools. To Steal a phrase from Oliver Willis (Whom I learned about over at Field Negro’s spot) Obama is like Kryptonite to stupid that means you Ms. Mills. I hope your family gives you a warm reception when you return from Denver.


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Her "leader"? Could only think of herself, or for herself?

If you are really pursuing unity, this isn't going to accomplish it. You can't beat someone into liking you.

Phelps not surprised by your viewpoint like the rabid dogs on the MSM people love this ish.

Hey Jazzy...I'm back..Phelps no need to quote quote quote on this. We are all entitled to vent!

Go B.

Go welcome back always nice to have you around

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