And the Nominees are….

For Best Blog Post or Blog Post Series

Universal Blackness for his steady and consistent highlighting of crimes against black women, especially the Dunbar Village atrocity, thanks Mr.Shawdow.

For Best Business Blog

The Vibrant Life by Ruth Ferguson A
new member of the Afro Spear, she highlights helpful financial strategies and tips occasionally on her blog.

For Best Culture Blog

Aunt Jemimas Revenge this blog won me over with its review of CNN’s Black in America. Overall, the blog highlights issues concerning black women and overall issues concerning the black community at large.

For Best Gossip Blog

Necole Bitchie this is a good celebrity gossip blog it does not solely focus on dishing dirt but does not hesitate to give out props.

For Best Group Blog

Black and Married with Kids Best husband and wife duo.

For Best Humor Blog

Average BRO for his C.Y.I.N tags

For Best Personal blog

Go BytchGo has lived an interesting life and is confident enough to share her ups and downs with others while still maintaining self-respect, a friendly and welcoming demeanor. I truly appreciate her ability to share and open her world to so many outside readers.

For Best Political/News Blog

Dallas South Shawn keeps update on not only national happenings but local as well, Thanks.

For Best Science/Technology Blog

The Urban Scientist provides valuable information regarding education the importance of science among our youth and even gives out tips on how to achieve and move ahead in these areas.

For Best Blog of the Year

Electronic Village Villager works tirelessly to keep us all updated and motivated to remember those cases that are often highly visible in the media for a week then just as quickly forgotten. He continues to update about cases and injustices until a conclusion is reached.

For Best Blog to Watch

Soul ConvictionI have not agreed with his latest post on Dr. Fryer (and probably never will) however, I still enjoy his post.


Reader Comments

Thanks for the vote! Everyone counts :-)

*hugs* Thanks for the vote you are such a sweetie!

Hello there!

Now I have more blogs that I can check out!



Thanks Jazzy. I look forward to checking out some new blogs, too.

Thanks, again.

Wow...I truly appreciate you taking time to make this nomination. I will continue to work to evolve and improve my blog over the coming weeks and months, however, you've made my year with this post!

Asante sana!

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