Race in America

"Underneath this apparent accommodation to our diversity, we are in fact hunkering down in communities of like-mindedness, and it affects our ability to manage difference," Clinton

As Americans have we ever done anything other than associate with individuals of similar minds, economic status, or cultural communities? For many people, living in this country the only time for diversity interaction is during work hours. Black, White, Asian, etc. we separate ourselves from each other by at times self-imposed and genuine do not cross lines. Those very traits that make each cultural group unique simultaneously hinder some of our ability to cross cultural barriers and see other for what we all are: human beings.

Race plays an incredible part of the American past and present. The question that remains, is how will race play into the future of Americans. I believe that by first acknowledging that America has a race problem then tackling the issues of institutionalized racism, will direct the future of race and Americans.

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