Mental Recession

John McCain’s boi Phil Gramm states that the American population has become a nation of whiners and the recession is (whispers) all in our heads. Other than being pissed every time I have to fork over 50-55 dollars to fill up (I drive a midsize sedan for FHS), oh and also mildly irritated that I have to pay 2dollars plus some change for a dozen eggs (they used to cost $0.98, a few months ago), I’m pretty cool with the recession being all in my head.

On the a serious tip Phil, since your pockets are laced tight with ERON cash maybe you are not the best person to tell the vast American public that ARE struggling with the rising cost of living that its all in our heads and that we should suck it up and get over it.


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Is that the best he could come up with "it's all in our head" I would have been able to take "they are over reacting" better. Anyone who still votes for this fool is crazy! I'm sure even the wealthiest of them all want to spend their money on better things than barrels of oil. I'd rather put it in a blender and make 100 dollar bill smoothies! Good Post!

As always thanks for stopping by GO. I rarely believe that anyone on the level of Obama or McCain can empathize with us everyday people, but I feel that McCain is further from understanding than Obama.

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