Satire Be Damned

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The New Yorker a liberal magazine has decided to grace their cover with what we can only hope will be the future President and First Lady of the United States, to discuss the politics of fear. So what better way to demonstrate the politics of fear than to make rude and crude caricatures of every negative stereotype circling the Obamas.

So let’s lists all of the negative stereotypes:
Michelle Obama
1. Michelle with oversized lips
2. Michelle with Afro hair last time I looked she was silky fine. I am not hating on natural hair I wear my hair naturally
3. Michelle pictured as a black militant
4. Michelle with an attitude

Barack Obama
1. Let’s begin with the obvious he is wearing traditional Muslim garb
2. He is wearing sandals
3. A picture of Osama Bin Laden over the fire place
4. The American flag burning

These images should not only be offensive to Black Americans but to all Americans. This image represents and reinforces every negative image and stereotypes regarding Black Americans, Muslim Americans and how Americans view people of color.


Reader Comments

it is just satire
we should not have a hissy fit over this
it really shows how stupid the gop is from my louction
dont up set me, it really attacks the gop

Torrance thanks for stopping by again but like I have said on other blogs I think there is a line between xenophobia and racism and satire which the New Yorker crossed.

i agree with torrance. it is just satire, everyone knows the new yorker is a liberal magazine. it's sad that the bush lie machine has us all so on the offensive, that we can't even appreciate satire anymore. maybe this would have been taken better if obama was already president, then we could all stop being so testy :-).

Crys Thanks for visiting and I hope you will be a regular contributor in the future. The definition of satire is as follows: “A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit.”

According to the definition of satire there should be in part some truth in which to poke fun at. There is absolutely nothing true about the images represented in the New Yorker. I completely understand what they were going for I just think they failed to portray it as adequately as they could.

With that said I also happen to agree with you that most of us are on edge and a bit testy I am looking forward to November.

I don't think it is satire. I don't think it is offensive. I think it is a failed joke, and I wouldn't expect anything else from the oh-so-very-droll New Yorker.

Hello there!

The difference when white publications make fun of black people with "satire" is that it is actually hipster racism.

Take a look at the article that AJ wrote at Racialicious two weeks ago about hipster racism.

Isn't it interesting that when Bernie Mac stood up making fun of white people that white people were OFFENDED and Obama came out and made a statement bashing Bernie Mac... oh but now white people want to say "this is just satire!"

My response:
"Yeah okay... weren't laughing when Bernie Mac made YOU the joke of the day!"


Thanks for this post.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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