Hello Everyone

Wow, so I have finally created my own blog! I am excited and cannot wait to being blogging away. I would like to say that my intention in beginning this blog will not be about any one topic in particular but a conglomeration of thoughts and ideas. I will try to make a commitment to post at least once a week. Things that interest me and that I will probably blog about include: race relations, hip-hop (or the lack thereof), natural afro hair, pet peeves, books that I am reading, my vacations, politics etc… So to all that visit please stay and drop a comment I am new to this and any advice will be appreciated. Next post coming soon. Take care!
Oh I should put in this disclaimer: I am not a huge music fan I am much more of a book nerd and consider myself a social music listener (now I know that makes no sense, lol).


Reader Comments

Thanks for visiting my blog and dropping a comment. I hope you'll be a regular contributor. With your background in microbiology I would refer you to my friend Craig Nulan. He is an MIT grad with a profound ability to illuminate the multifarious aspects of existence. He can be a little heady at times but he maintains a cordial demeanor to counter his sharp wit. Check him out and don't be a stranger. Peace.

Thanks for the links, and as soon as the semester winds down I will be able to contribute on a regular. Take care.

Welcome - great to find another Sista from Dallas holding it down. Look forward to learning more. I LOVE the painting - who is the artist?

Thanks Ruth for stopping by I have know idea who the artist is but I will ask my husband he's into art and he will know. Maybe we should start an association and meeting for sistas that blog in the DFW area.


Great to see another Scientist on the Black Bloggind scene. Look forward to reading your posts.

@Urban thanks for visiting I look forward to browsing your site as well

Welcome to Glued Ideas Subtle For Blogger

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! Take a second to peak around and check out some of my previous posts. Of course, I would love to find out what you think as well, so make sure to comment. See you around!

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