Thanking Slave-masters; What next?

Soulja boy is young, rich, and famous and more importantly without any real significant parental influence; made obvious by his slave master comments:

He said, “Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we’d still be in Africa.”
“We wouldn’t be here,” he continued, to get this ice and tattoos.”

My heart actually bleeds for Soulja Boy. He has such a huge following, hell I even spent an afternoon trying to learn how to do the Soulja Boy. The problem with Soulja boy and the majority of rappers they are not doing anything significant with their celebrity. I truly believe his slave master's comment was in jest howbeit a poor one. It is just another example of how diluted hip hop culture has become.

The problem I see with the rap game it is no longer relevant Kanye is doing something new (which I like) but who else is changing the game. I have become so bored with hip hop that I have switched to listening to alternative rock for my afternoon commute home.

On a side note: Does anyone else miss Kelis? Rihanna is like a new reincarnated Kelis. There is no doubting her style but every time I see Rihanna I cannot help but think of Kelis. Come back Kelis.


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Soulja Boy has no sense. Kelis is missed no doubt. She's always good for one hit per album. She's a good.

Shawn I agree but he was only what 16 or 17 when he started where are the adults in his family. Where are the people that have some sense, they should be helping him make his money grow instead of spending it on ice and tats.

As for Kelis yeah she's not much of a singer but she sure had an edgy style that I miss seeing.

On Kelis,

I think she lost herself in the fame. What happened to the girl with the pink Afro yelling at the camera!?!

I read a book called Naked or something, it was about African American women and their views on self. She is featured in it talking about selling sex in her music and how that's cool. You have to have substance too. IMO

Hey Taula I am currently reading Naked and I can not even begin to comprehend some of the things these females have gone through. I was extremely sheltered until I went away for college and at the time I remember disliking my mother for her strict ways. But today I can say without a doubt I appreciate all the heartache she saved me from. We don't have the best relationship but we sure don't have the worst.

hip hop does not need change it just needs better rappers. you cant change hip hop. when one tries to "change" hip hop, its not hip hop its a different gene of music.

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